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Zcan Wireless, the World's First Wireless Scanner Mouse Has a New iOS Feature

Zcan Wireless, the world’s first wireless scanner mouse has brought out a new feature to make scanning simplified and even more exciting. With the new iOS features, users can now scan documents or images and translate with their iPad or iPhone. The user can scan to "speech" and scan to "translate" while using it with iPad or iPhone. It's compatible for iOS 8.0 or newer. It allows users to use the device no matter where they are, providing an important tool for business and pleasure. It has many important aspects which include being used to scan a document in a foreign language and have it translated. The user can also use the speech feature where documents that have been scanned can be read out to them, which is perfect for people wishing to listen to the words of a book or important document.


Victoria, Hong Kong -- (ReleaseWire) -- 02/25/2016 --In Novemeber 2014, Zcan Wireless was launched, taking the world by storm and becoming the most talked about mouse product on the market. The mouse scanner can be used for work, or college for scanning documents, which can later be edited. With just a few swipes, a page can be scanned, meaning within minute's pages of a document can be scanned and then edited in Microsoft Word or Excel. Zcan Wireless also supports 199 OCR languages, which means text can be translated in Google Translate.

The award winning gadget has removed the need for different computer products and put them into one device. With no wires, the user has a scanner, a mouse, and a translator all in one small product. That not only provides more room on a computer desk, but it also takes computing into the modern world and gives computer and office users an important tool that can reduce time and increase productivity.


Scan & Edit Text/Tables: Users can edit the scanned text/tables and edit them right away in MS Word/Excel format

Image Search: Search relevant information about the scanned image with Google Image Search shortcut

Language Helper: Zcan Wireless supports 199 OCR languages; users can drag the scanned text to Google Translate directly and get the translation in instant.

Instant Sharing: Zcan Wireless allows users to share the scanned materials on Facebook or Twitter

Easy Storage: Users can easily store and organize the scanned materials on Evernote

Specifications: Sensor: 1500 cpi/ Buttons: 3+Dedicated Scan/ Resolution: Up to 400 dpi/ Scan size: Up to A3 (upon memory configuration)/ USB Port: USB 2.0

About DTOI
Zcan Wireless Scanner Mouse is a product under DTOI (Design to Innovation)—a Hong Kong-based company founded in 2013, which the team of young and passionate designers and innovators aims at developing products that can help to better people's life. DTOI also focuses on exploring different possibilities in improving people's living standard.

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