Zealie Increases Profit for Behavioral Health Facilities During Covid-19


Costa Mesa, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 09/16/2020 --Zealie, a technology-enabled behavioral health billing services company, today announced the launch of its new website Zealie.com. Zealie delivers a world-class revenue cycle management technology that increases profits for its clients even throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.

Zealie has reimagined the billing process for substance use disorder treatment and addiction recovery facilities by delivering a technology-driven revenue cycle management (RCM) platform that increases profits. Zealie's innovative platform uses advanced technology with predictive analytics that helps treatment centers make smart admission decisions.

Zealie's one-of-a-kind platform delivers a dynamic customer experience with the Zealie Mobile App, the behavioral healthcare industry's only mobile billing app. Zealie customers also have access to revenue prediction tools. The revenue prediction tools help customers mitigate the risk of not knowing how much they'll be paid by collecting and analyzing historic insurance data, which can predict the revenue they can expect.-

The Revenue Prediction Tools include:

Alpha Prefix Tracker – This tool aggregates all the data that Zealie has on Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield policies. The tool lets customers know how much these policies have historically reimbursed for the services treatment centers provide.

Smart VOB – Smart VOB software is an insurance verification service that estimates how much a treatment center can get paid for a particular policy before they admit a client. Smart VOB calculates estimated reimbursement rates for all levels of care, based on millions of dollars of historical claims data.

Payer Tracker – Payer Tracker is a tool for out-of-network treatment facilities that give estimates of payments per level of care using historical data. Payer Tracker's advantage is that it can uniquely identify the payment history of smaller payers; those insurance companies you may not be too familiar with.

Treatment centers have seen an increase in mental health and substance use disorder admissions during the COVID-19 pandemic. So, Zealie's behavioral health billing solutions have been requested by data-driven treatment centers nationwide.

Treatment centers that use Zealie's platform have reported increases in their efficiency, productivity, and profitability. The new Zealie.com features videos with client success stories, a behavioral health billing blog, webinars, and more industry resources.

"Our unique technology and our dedicated team of experts are the two components that set Zealie apart from the competition," said Ali Beheshti, CEO of Zealie. "We recruit and hire top talent in the billing sector which gives us the ability to solve complex issues that other billing companies cannot tackle."

About Zealie
Zealie is a full-service cloud-based behavioral health billing company with a dedicated team of billing professionals, experienced software engineers, and degreed experts with J.D.s, MBAs, and Ph.D.s. Zealie's billing services have been proven to increase profits the right way, allowing customers to focus more on their patient care.