Zealie Workflow Automation Speeds Up the Pay Cycle for Behavioral Health Treatment Centers


Costa Mesa, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 01/11/2021 --Zealie, a provider of revenue cycle management (RCM) software and services for the behavioral health industry, today announced the release of the "Zealie Workflow Automation" product. Zealie Workflow Automation is a proprietary cloud-based software that allows patient data to move seamlessly from verification of benefit (VOB) to utilization review (UR) to billing census, making it easier and faster to collect on submitted claims.

"At Zealie, we thrive on quality and efficiency," said Ali Beheshti, CEO of Zealie. "Zealie Workflow Automation decreases the possibility of human error and allows our team of experts to focus their time on more complex issues and find opportunities to negotiate higher collections rates."

Zealie Workflow Automation includes:

Verification of Benefits (VOB) Automation: Digital response from payer systems pre-populate fields in the manual VOB form to speed up VOB turnaround times and ensure VOBs match payer databases.

Smart VOB: Part of our revenue prediction suite, Smart VOB provides treatment centers with payment estimates before admitting a patient.

Patient Admits: Our specialized UR team can now "Admit" patients into Zealie client's authorization report dashboard with a click of a button.

Billing Census: Our census can now be generated automatically using authorization data, making it easier to submit claims more accurately and collect faster.

"During these difficult times, Zealie is proud to help our clients not only survive but thrive," Beheshti added. "In this way, we've been able to have a great impact on the behavioral health industry."

About Zealie
Zealie's innovative cloud-based revenue cycle management (RCM) software and services contribute to the financial success of behavioral health facilities in the U.S. The technology-driven platform that Zealie created automates multiple touch-points in the medical billing process. Zealie's dashboard provides critical business and patient data in an easy-to-understand format that allows behavioral healthcare providers to make critical business decisions to grow and scale their business.

For more information, visit https://zealie.com/ or call (800) 478-0233.