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Zehner Dentistry Offers Oral Surgery to Provide All-Inclusive Care for Patients in Orwigsburg, PA

Dr. Nevin T. Zehner provides oral surgery procedures to offer comprehensive care in one convenient location


Orwigsburg, PA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 02/10/2017 --Dental patients in Orwigsburg, PA and the surrounding areas that are in need of an oral surgery procedure can find all the services they need in one convenient location at Zehner Dentistry. Dr. Nevin T. Zehner is one of the best and most experienced dental professionals with oral surgery experience in the Orwigsburg, Pottsville, and Schuylkill Haven areas. He offers these services to help restore patients' oral health with procedures such as wisdom teeth extraction, dental implants, and corrective oral surgery.

When patients visit Zehner Dentistry and are diagnosed with a need for one of these procedures, there is no need to be referred to another dental professional because Dr. Zehner has the skills and experience to perform them in his office. Dr. Zehner is proud to offer these services in his office to save patients time and provide a convenient and comfortable environment to receive the procedure they need.

Wisdom teeth removal is one of the most common oral surgery procedures required for most patients. While wisdom teeth, or third molars, can occasionally grow in correctly, it is common for these teeth to become impacted or to grow incorrectly which causes the patient pain or discomfort. In most cases, Dr. Zehner is able to remove wisdom teeth in his office as just a minor surgical procedure to prevent any future complications patients may experience with them.

For patients who have one or more missing teeth, Dr. Zehner is able to offer dental implants surgery to provide a permanent restoration for their missing tooth. Dental implants are made of hypoallergenic titanium and are fabricated as small anchors or screws that are implanted surgically into the jawbone in the void of the missing tooth. Dental implants act as a natural tooth root would, supporting the jawbone and surrounding gum tissues, and are used to anchor an artificial crown that restores the aesthetics and function of the missing tooth.

In other cases, patients may have the need for corrective oral surgery due to misshapen or irregular jaws. These conditions can lead to issues like speech problems and breathing difficulties. Dr. Zehner offers consultations for patients who are in need of oral surgery procedures to determine the best method for treatment and to address any concerns the patient may have about the procedure.

About Dr. Nevin T. Zehner
For more than 25 years, Dr. Zehner has been serving patients in the Orwigsburg, PA area. He completed his dental education at the University of Pennsylvania School of Dental Medicine and has been a practicing dentist for more than three decades.

To learn more about Dr. Nevin T. Zehner and the oral surgery procedures he offers at Zehner Dentistry in Orwigsburg for patients in the Schuylkill County areas, please visit www.zehnerdentistry.com.