Zendori Introduces New Line of Matcha Green Teas for the Zen-Driven Lifestyle


Atlanta, GA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 01/18/2016 --Zendori today announced that they are introducing a new line of matcha green tea products that come in both Ceremonial and Culinary grades. Imported from Japan, Zendori's high grade matcha are also available in organic versions, and all of them are certified kosher.

"Zendori is more than just a company that sells tea. We want to inspire our customers to living a zen-driven lifestyle; we encourage them through this drinking experience to live in the moment and enjoy every little thing in life," said Ben Lacroix, founder of Zendori Matcha, when he was asked about his vision of the company.

Matcha is different from brewed green tea. It has numerous health benefits, and because the powder is the actual tea leaves, the drinker ingests all the nutrients of the leaves, that are up to ten times the value of that of regular green tea.

Zendori Matcha embodies a number of characteristics that set them apart from other matcha offerings:

Origin: it is grown in the best soils of Japan for green tea (Nishio and Kyoto) and made of superior, shade grown tencha leaves rather than lower end sencha leaves. Zendori hand selects the youngest tea leaves that give their matcha a vibrant green color and an inviting aroma.

Grinding process: this step greatly affects how a matcha will taste. Zendori Matcha is ground between granite wheels to micron size. These wheels are crafted in a traditional way by one of the few remaining stone carvers in Japan.

Can be served as koicha (thick tea): matcha is commonly used to make usucha (thin tea) as only the highest quality matcha has the ability to create delicious koicha. Zendori Matcha can be prepared in both ways.

Zendori Matcha offers 10% discount (Coupon Code: GETZEN10) on their products until 2/15/2016. They are available on Amazon and on their website, www.ZendoriMatcha.com.

About Zendori
Zendori is a lifestyle brand that focuses on the art of zen living. The company has created two lines of zen-driven products, matcha tea and inspirational art, that have great potential to spread the company's message–being present and living in the moment.

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