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Zenofem Turns Up the Heat for Women as Sales Surge

Product production of Zenofem ramped up on surging consumer sales.


New York, NY -- (ReleaseWire) -- 03/24/2014 --On the heels of soaring sales, Ellison - Gray Laboratories, ("Ellison-Gray Labs" or the "Company") today announced that they have ramped up their production runs of Zenofem, its all-natural over the counter ("OTC") product for female sexual arousal.

"Recent rumors began to circulate that EGL would not be able to meet distributors demand for Zenofem in the second quarter," said Karen Daly, Media Manager for Ellison - Gray Laboratories. "However, we've notified our manufacturers to turn up their production runs on the product. We've been assured that production will keep in line with increased sales, especially as we increase global sales expansion on this product through 2014 into 2016. Clearly this product has resonated with consumers as a winner because it flat out works."

Manufactured following all GMP/ FDA Guidelines, and Federally Trademarked in the U.S. under registration number 85882289, Zenofem‘s formula is backed by scientifically proven ingredients, contained in a natural proprietary blend which aids sexual arousal and natural lubrication, and enhances overall satisfaction.

About Ellison-Gray Laboratories
Ellison - Gray Laboratories. Headquartered in New Jersey, Ellison - Gray is an emerging leader in the OTC male and female sexual dysfunction products. The Company generates revenues from its lead product Zenofem for female arousal, and has a total of four other products in this space awaiting approval for release.

Zenofem is currently sold in the U.S .and through International distribution sales channels.
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