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Zero Wearables Is the Hat of the Future, Allowing Users to Customize the Front via E-Paper Display and App

Live on Indiegogo, Zero Wearables has Created a Hat Customizable via App with Images, Logos and Text.


Peoria, IL -- (ReleaseWire) -- 03/22/2016 --Zero Wearables, the revolutionary new hat that allows users to customize the front using a E-Paper Display and an app, is live on global crowdfunding platform Indiegogo and raising funds to bring the project to life.

Zero Wearables has pioneered a new category they are calling Wearable Mediaâ„¢ which lies at the intersection of fashion, social networks, and digital media. The Zero Wearables Hat allows users to instantly change the image on their hat using a flexible E-Paper display in seconds using the ZW app on a smartphone.

"People today want to express themselves, says CEO and Co-Founder Jamaal Crayton, "They want to say what's on their mind or in their heart. They're used to social media and this combines their social media habits with what they wear."

Baseball hats have been around since 1849, the modern day baseball hat was invented in 1901 and since then there's been no major changes or innovation brought to the accessory. With the Zero Wearables Hat the company has introduced the first major change to the industry in over 100 years.

The process for customizing a Zero Wearable Hat can be almost instantaneous. The user simply opens the app, selects content type, either choosing from an extensive array of licensed content or a customized image, selects a time interval and speed if the user wants to rotate images, then clicks to send to the hat.

Zero wearables is all about expression. Users can instantly change their hat to fit their mood, either with an image or text to always say what's on their mind. Whether changing to their favorite team, or acting as a personal status on display, Zero Wearables can make it happen with their patent pending customizable display technology.

"Zero Wearables will revolutionize the apparel industry because no other product on the market today allows their user to build community, express themselves and be fashionable at the same time," adds Crayton, "All of this can be done from one single platform the ZW App. Customers will be able to Create their own content, sell to community via the ZW Marketplace or share with their friends."

The Zero Wearables Hat will initially be available in Black or Charcoal Gray, with a Fitted or Snapback style, and a normal, flat or curved bill.

The Zero Wearables Hat is now live and available to support on Indiegogo:

About Zero Wearables
Zero Wearables is a premium brand unalterably changing the apparel market, specifically the baseball hat which hasn't changed in more than a century. Instead of the products we wear being static and drab, they can now change as fast as your March Madness bracket. Zero Wearables uses our patent-pending display to place your images or text on your clothing with the ZW App on your smart phone.

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