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ZHIYUN Release Its Newest Smartphone Gimbal, the ZHIYUN Smooth Q3


Guilin, China -- (ReleaseWire) -- 07/01/2021 --ZHIYUN, the game-changer in bringing stability while capturing photos and recording videos, has announced to release its newest smartphone stabilizer, named ZHIYUN Smooth Q3. This product will set new standards in the industry considering the features it provides to the users. ZHIYUN, which was already leading the gimbal industry, will further make the photography and videography experience better, helping its users stream and stabilize their recordings.

The ZHIYUN Smooth Q3 is specifically designed to have one end goal, i.e., a smoother shooting experience. The new design will allow the users to use the smartphone stabilizer with a single hand, allowing them to record moments in a variety of ways. This best phone stabilizer having three-axis for the phone is a classic way to introduce smoothness in your experience. Its sliding design enables the users to record the moments even in a hurry. Having a 180-degree rotatable light at the top can help the user light them up in the dark, adjusting the brightness between three available levels.

ZHIYUN Smooth Q3 is a lightweight gadget, making it even more user-friendly. Having a mere weight of 340g, or 0.75 lbs, ZHIYUN Smooth Q3 can be held smoothly without having any extra burden on the hands.

ZHIYUN Smooth Q3 brings us to yet another fantastic feature, which is its size. The ZHIYUN Smooth Q3 is easy to carry in most settings with a folded size of 5 x 154 x 180mm and unfolded size of 90 x 127 x 279mm. This easy-to-carry size is helpful even for tourists who cannot afford to carry huge size gadgets with them.

Its payload capacity of 50g/0.33lbs - 280g/0.61lbs will allow the users to adjust most of the current smartphone devices on it, such as iPhone 12 max pro, making it suitable for all types of people. What is more, the most exciting feature of ZHIYUN Smooth Q3 is its battery. Having a 1300 mAh battery, ZHIYUN Smooth Q3 has a maximum runtime of 15 hours, assisting the consumers not to waste their crucial time charging it again and again.

The exciting updates that come up with ZHIYUN Smooth Q3 make this product even more desirable. The special zoom functions would make you accommodate the modern cinematic practices in your recorded moments. Its new feature of Dolly zoom provides an unprecedented opportunity to its users to fill their moments with unique effects adding cinematic experience to their footage.

With its ultra-wide-angle facility, it is now possible to zoom wide and wider for an unprecedented experience that will add uniqueness to your videos. The control button allows you to change the angle from landscape to panorama mode instantly and vice versa.

The increasing payload capacity and clamping range in ZHIYUN Smooth Q3 is also one of the improvements this product brings to the table. As it is now possible to hold even heavier devices without any hustle, it is easy to shot videos from all types of smartphones with a better clamping range.

The device comes with a gesture control ability that allows people to start shooting with specific gestures without recording unnecessary moments. Not only this, but you can also clone yourself easily with Magic Clone Pano, shooting yourself separately and integrating all of the images in one. ZHIYUN Smooth Q3 also empowers its users to use panorama mode in both the landscapes and portrait mode with both front and rear cameras. It allows you to use the ZY Cami app to edit your footage professionally, adding all the possible effects in them.

ZHIYUN Smooth Q3 is attracting a lot of vloggers and Tik Tokers owing to the efficiency it brings to the table. For most video creators, the primary issue remains stability and editing variety which ZHIYUN Smooth Q3 seems to solve. ZHIYUN ZY Cami app provides excellent quick editing opportunities enabling the creators to add spicy effects to their videos. As many Tik Tokers and vloggers need to carry video-making gadgets with them all the time, ZHIYUN Smooth Q3 has provided them the solution due to its lightweight and compatible size. Now they don't have to carry heavy devices with them. And yes, it is much more affordable, which is the need of most video creators. So, for vloggers and Tik Tokers, this is a win-win situation.

ZHIYUN tech is providing innovative solutions to add beauty to the content of video creators since 2015. ZHIYUN's distinction always remained innovation, which is evident from the subsequent products. Building the name in the camera stabilizer industry, ZHIYUN is working in Shenzhen, Hong Kong, and the United States. However, the popularity of their products has crossed all geographical borders as their gimbals are being used by video creators all across the globe.

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