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Zhongshan Domy Chemical Is Getting Ready for the 124th Canton Fair

Zhongshan Domy Chemical aims to exhibit its flagship oral care products “Soothe & care toothpastes” with sensational functions


Zhongshan, Guangdong -- (ReleaseWire) -- 10/09/2018 --Zhongshan Domy Chemical is now in preparation for the upcoming exhibition to display its leading products "Soothe&care toothpaste", which gained the award of "MEIYI" at the China Beauty Expo and intended to pursue the eminent oral care brand in the world. At the upcoming Canton Fair, Domy Chemical aims to exhibit several featured toothpaste products, among which contain two kid series and one adult series. They are, respectively, "Soothe&care Funny Kids Deciduous Teeth Period Toothpaste", "Soothe&care Funny Kids Dental Transitional Period Toothpaste" and "Soothe&care Charcoal Enzyme Toothpaste". "Soothe&care" products can satisfy adults' diverse needs including anti-cavity, freshness, whitening, etc. However, this series "Charcoal Enzyme Toothpaste" integrates cleansing, whitening and freshness altogether, rendering customers triple functions and unique experience. More concretely, customers can feel the cleansing experience from both charcoal and enzyme. On one hand, the enzyme consisted in the toothpaste can effectively reduce plaque and whiten the teeth. On the other hand, activated charcoal is essential and efficient for cleaning tooth, while with the assistance of dual mint, they can surely bring freshness and a great pleasure to the customers.

Besides, "Soothe&care" products also concentrate on kids health and growth. These two kids series focus on two crucial stages of kids, namely age under 6 deciduous teeth period and age between 6 to 12 dental transitional period. If preschool kids brush teeth day and night and gargle after dinner, they'll be apart from tooth diseases and possess healthy teeth. During the dental transitional period, the probiotics of toothpaste are preferred to balance the number of bacteria in the mouth and protect the new teeth. Consequently, "Soothe&care" kids toothpaste with IGY muramidase must be a perfect choice for kids, especially for its fluoride-free property, which cares much about the fragility of their teeth. Visitors and guests can have a glimpse of these new products in booth No. Area C, 16.2 Halle - E08 at the Guangzhou Continental Exhibition Center during October 23rd to 27th, 2018. About Zhongshan Domy Chemical Co, Ltd Zhongshan Domy Chemical Co, Ltd was transferred from Yongnan chemical factory, which produced China's first fluorine-contained toothpaste in 1999. With the sustained, rapid and sound development, its personal care products business is growing stronger and gradually extend to plastic products, industrial tourism, healthcare and entertainment culture, until now it has developed into a diversified cross-industry group. Meanwhile, the company is specialized in professional cosmetic personal care products, which has accumulated 28 years' experience, now it has become one of the leaders of the domestic oral care products processing industry.