ZilberHaar Adds Beard Oil to Its Range of Must-Have Beard Grooming Essentials on Amazon.com

The iconic European beard brush brand, ZilberHaar, has announced the launch of its organic “Beard Oil No. 1” in time for Black Friday on Amazon.com


Paris, France -- (ReleaseWire) -- 11/17/2017 --ZilberHaar, the brand that has built up a cult following in the beard grooming niche, has today announced the launch of its first beard oil - Beard Oil No.1. The company's brand-new, organic beard oils have been created to complement the quality and functionality of ZilberHaar beard brushes and combs perfectly.

ZilberHaar CEO, Anica Kath, commented, "Here at ZilberHaar, we know our customers and when they asked if we could produce a beard oil that would reduce split ends and skin irritation, promote healthier hair growth and ensure their beard hair was in tip top condition at all times, our answer is ZilberHaar Beard Oil No.1!

"We have put an incredible amount of time into sourcing the highest-quality organic Jojoba Oil and Moroccan Argan Oil for our first beard oil, with the end goal of creating a nourishing oil that will surpass the expectations of the staunchest beard aficionados out there … and we have succeeded!"

Beard Oil No.1 is a fragrance-free beard oil that is designed to simplify the beard grooming process and help beard owners grow the epic beards they have always wanted. Stand-out features include:


There are no fillers, fragrances, additives or parabens in Beard Oil No.1, only pure Moroccan Argan and Jojoba oils

Essential Oils:

Due to its purity, Beard Oil No.1 is an ideal carrier oil for any essential oil that a beard owner may want to add.


Beard Oil No.1 is incredibly conditioning for both a man's facial hair and skin, which reduces irritation and improves the manageability and appearance of beards.


The concentration of healing Vitamin E in Beard Oil No.1 promotes healthy skin cell production and also optimises facial hair growth.

ZilberHaar CEO, Anica Kath, went on to say, "Over the past year, ZilberHaar has seen a massive increase in demand for our beard brushes and grooming accessories from customers in the States. Why? The answer is simple … Every ZilberHaar grooming product goes through in depth research and development before being launched on the open market and we believe that is the secret to our success - we only produce beard brushes and oils that beard owners want and need!

"We are so proud of Beard Oil No.1 and have received great feedback from men who have used it and many of their partners who no longer get burned every time they kiss! We have many more products under development, which will be released when they have passed our stringent testing process with flying colours!"

ZilberHaar Beard Oil No.1 is available to buy on Amazon.com here and the company is giving away a FREE ZilberHaar Beard Comb with every purchase.

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