Zipfit Bag: Changing Fitness, One Shake at a Time


Blaine, MN -- (ReleaseWire) -- 03/30/2016 --Even the most stringent of exercise regimens is going to get us no closer to our fitness goals if we cannot control our diet. Counting calories, eating nutritious foods and choosing the right supplements are vital to success, although regularly taking supplements can be cumbersome.

Nutrient-packed shakes make supplementing easier, except for those smelly, dirty and unhygienic shaker cups, the bane of the fitness aficionado's existence. Maybe not for much longer; a new product from a Minnesota-based exercise enthusiast and innovator could change everything.

The Zipfit Bag is a disposable shaker cup produced by inventor Josh Wicklund. The cups themselves are manufactured using 100 percent recyclable plastic, making them as kind to the environment as the fluids they contain are to your body, and can hold up to 32 ounces of your favorite protein shakes and dietary supplements. Carefully engineered to be as durable and stable as possible, the structure of the bag enables it to stand up on its own, preventing spillages while filling, and is robust enough to allow the bag to be used while engaging in your chosen fitness activity.

To use the bag, athletes need only open the 8" wide aperture at the top of the Zipfit Bag and pour the liquid in. The Bisphenol A-free plastic will not contaminate the shake or supplement, while the double zipper on the bag's aperture provides a reliable seal to prevent leakage. When you want to take a drink, simply open the nozzle at the bottom of the bag and enjoy your shake.

Zipfit inventor, Josh explains more;

"We created a tool that will enable anyone to bring their healthy lifestyle anywhere," he said. "People anywhere looking for something quick, easy, portable and disposable to blend up their supplements or any powder for that matter, we made the Zipfit for you."

Now, Josh needs your help in bringing this incredible, patent-pending product to the market. In order to raise the $120,000 required to launch Zipfit Bag – and to connect gym-goers, runners, cyclists, climbers, and sports enthusiasts all over the world with its benefits – Josh and his team have turned to the popular crowdfunding platform Kickstarter.

Those pledging $15 or more to the campaign will receive a pack of 30 Zipfit Bags from the initial production run, available in a colorway of their choice. Each additional $15 pledged will be rewarded with another 30-pack of Zipfit Bags. To get involved in the campaign and to experience the benefits of the Zipfit Bag before anyone else does, visit Josh's Kickstarter page via this link: