Zone Culinaire LLC Seeks to Expand Its Healthy, Prepared Meal Service to New Markets


Washington, DC -- (ReleaseWire) -- 08/13/2018 --Zone Culinaire LLC has been providing healthy, prepared meals to customers throughout New York City since 2005 under the name Zone Manhattan. Now, the company is seeking to expand into the Washington, D.C. market, using the name Zone WDC.

There are many companies on the market that provide meal kits, including all of the necessary ingredients to make a healthy, delicious meal. However, the customer must still prepare and cook the meal themselves. In the Zone Culinaire model, all of the meals come fully prepared. All the customer has to do is heat them up, typically for no more than 90 seconds. This is a great option for busy professionals, parents and others who crave nutritious meals but lack the time to prepare them.

When customers first sign up for the program, a Zone Culinaire representative will get in touch with them within 24 hours to set up their meal plan. Customers have the option to customize the menu to meet their health or weight loss goals, as well as to adhere to any specialized diets, like veganism, gluten-free, paleo or other popular dietary plans.

Customers can choose to have meals delivered seven days a week or only on weekdays, depending on their needs. On the days they have subscribed to the service, they'll receive three nutritious, prepared meals, along with two healthy snacks. This way, all of their dietary needs will be covered for the entire day.

To help fund the expansion into the D.C. market, Zone Culinaire has launched a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter with a funding goal of $200,000. The campaign will run until August 21, 2018.

To thank campaign backers for their contributions, Zone Culinaire is offering 14 days of service for those who contribute $550 or more. For $1,000 or more, they'll receive 30 days of service. These backers also have the option of donating this subscription to a person in need. Zone Culinaire expects to deliver this reward in September 2018.

Those who cannot afford or would prefer not to contribute so much money can get their name listed on the Founders Wall of the D.C. facility for contributions of $10 or more. For $50, they can also get a tour of the facility of their choice, along with their name on the Founders Wall.