ZRTS Introduces Titanium Bullet Bourbon Stones to Chill Whiskey Without Dilution


Noblesville, IN -- (ReleaseWire) -- 05/11/2016 --Combing the love of a fine bourbon and finely tuned bourbon, ZRTS has introduced a set of titanium bullet whiskey stones and is currently live on Kickstarter and raising funds to bring the project to life.

"We respect finely crafted Bourbon Whiskey and diluting it with water is a shame. The bullets reflect a blend of our love of classic firearm styling and Titanium, a wonder metal," says Zachary Wagner, co-founder of ZRTS, "Titanium adds no taste and has a great heating capacity to keep the cold longer than steel or aluminum would."

The ZRTS Titanium Bullets allow bourbon lovers to enjoy chilled whiskey without the dilution of ice. The result is a 300 Blackout round with the cooling capacity to chill a 3oz pour and keep it cool through a slow sipping session.  

"Adding these stones to your bourbon will give it a chill without adding flavor or water," added Wagner, "Our stones are lighter, will never corrode or add taste."

ZRTS is offering offering 4 types of stones as rewards; the classic 45acp stone will be available to backers who prefer smaller sophisticated chilling bullets. 300 blackout titanium stones will be available for the tactical enthusiast. These offer a greater cooling capacity than the shorter 45 rounds.  Even large, is the venerable 300 WinMag round. Long and powerful for matched sipping sessions.  The company is even machining a groove into these to make them bottle openers. Those who love opulence and want a powerful round to chill down their drink, there is the 40mm grenade round (well 25mm actually). This stone makes for the ultimate chilling round. A Limited number of 6 pack 45acp in their Chill Caddy are also available for purchase allowing users to keep their stones organized and colder longer.

The ZRTS Titanium Whiskey Stones Bourbon Bullets are now live and available to support and purchase on Kickstarter: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1775320714/titanium-whiskey-stones-bourbon-bullets

About ZRTS
ZR Tactical Solutions was founded by two lifelong gun enthusiasts putting their engineering skills to work customizing and designing firearms. ZR Tactical's engineers design and develop their own compensators, suppressors, recoil systems, and accessorizing products. ZRTS is looking to diversity its product offerings to extend to a larger part of the market. We are bourbon lovers and machinists. This product is where they blend!

For more information on ZRTS please visit http://www.zrtactical.com