ZwitchBlock and Zwisselfie

ZwitchBlock and Zwisselfie Make for the World's First Multi Functional iPhone Camera Kit for Everyday Use


Los Angeles, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 01/18/2016 --ZwitchBlock and Zwisselfie are two products that when combined, create the ultimate multi-functional iPhone Camera Kit for Everyday Use, turning the iPhone into a professional photographer's dream.

The idea of ZwitchBlock is to maximize the functions of a phone case while minimizing the effect brought to the appearance of the design. Separated parts attachment is the solution to maintain simple design of a case rather than build-in design.

Users can transform the case by different 'block' to facilitate different usage, such as photo taking and video shooting. After finishing certain mission, the case can return to normal look. We hope this case is for 'Every-day' use.

The ZwitchBlock Case enables users to convert their iPhone Case into a Camera Tripod perfect for whenever you want to capture treasure moment in a party. It ensures that you do not miss anyone in the picture for holding the camera allowing for the perfect self-timing photo. For professional photographers the tripod also comes in handy as the ΒΌ" mount can suit any professional equipment like selfie stick, rail dolly, video stabilizer, handheld gimbals and Time-lapse cradle head.

The second transformation of the ZwitchBlock Case is a GoPro Adventure Kit. This is idea for travelers and extreme sports as well as pet owners who can capture wonderful moments with fast moving objects. The ZwitchBlock enables for easy conversion of a GoPro on top of the iPhone.

Assembling the two features of the ZwitchBlock is incredibly easy. The case has two connection points for two 'blocks'. To assemble the 'Block', users simply have to fasten the screws and attachment is complete.

The second part of this photographer set is the Zwisselfie. The name refers to Swiss multitools / knifes. The size fits perfectly in the pocket while remaining multi-functional and the size of a keychain, making it perfect for everyday use.

The Zwisseflie comes equipped with an adjustable tripod screw head and a foldable design that serves as a selfie stick, tripod, handheld stabilizer as well as an actioncam grip. The Zwisselfie is perfectly compatible with the Zwitchblock, enabling for easy connection between the two pieces for multiple combinations and every form of photography.

The ZwitchBlock and Zwisselflie complete set starts at $79 on Indiegogo with each piece also sold separately at a lower cost.
The ZwitchBlock and Zwisselflie are now live and available for purchase on Indiegogo here:

About ZwitchBlock and Zwisselflie
ZwitchBlock and Zwisselflie are the first products from founder and lead designer Anderson Ng. As a photographer, he seeks to bridge the gap between professional cameras and the smartphones we carry everyday. His first two products the ZwitchBlock and Zwisselflie are the World's First Multi-Functional iPhone Camera Kit for Everyday Use