Zycon Expanded News Service Now Offers Economic, Research, and Government Information

New Source for Economic, Research, Government Data, and Other Information Related to Industry


Warren, MI -- (ReleaseWire) -- 03/05/2013 --Zycon.com, the Detroit area based industrial directory of manufacturers and suppliers, has announced an expansion of their news service. This new service, "Industry & Government News", is part of its updated 'News Room' feature and has begun reporting and accepting news relating to various governmental reports; scientific and economic trends, along with news regarding general manufacturing and industry.

One of the leading industrial directories in the world, Zycon has for years been a source for product announcements and company news for client and non-clients alike. With the addition of this new service, Zycon has now positioned itself as a resource for companies, researchers, students, media professionals and others that are looking for news and information that goes beyond company news and announcements.

"We felt that there was a lot of information out there that just wasn't being covered," a Zycon spokesman said. "Now, we can get news to people who aren't just buyers and sellers, but those who have an interest in the economy or new policy, or any other news that isn't necessarily product based."

Zycon's "Industry & Government News" section includes, but isn't limited to, current news and information about economic, commodities and manufacturing trends; manufacturing or industrial themed research findings, and government agency reports.

News and information on the site is produced by Zycon's editorial department or is supplied directly by an agency, institution or firm. Like Zycon's product announcement and company news pages, Zycon doesn't charge a fee for the placement of press releases on the site. Zycon also re-issues the stories via its various social media sites that Zycon is a member of and allows for the re-distribution of the story or article by other media outlets.

On average, Zycon is visited by over three million manufacturing and industrial professionals a year and is a nationally recognized source of industrial products, supplies, news and information.

About Zycon
Zycon.com was founded in 1999 and has over half a million product and contract manufacturers, distributors, service companies, and other industrial suppliers from around the world as members. It offers advertising programs for free, on a pre-paid annual basis, or on a pay-per-click model. Zycon is located in the suburban Detroit city of Warren, MI.