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Press Release Display Changes

You may have noticed that we made some changes to the way press releases are displayed on SBWire. After internally testing several changes to the press release display and measuring the feedback of SBWire clients, we believe these changes will benefit both visitors and SBWire clients alike.

SBWire Kindle Edition Now Available

In our continuing effort to expand the reach of content distributed by SBWire and to provide readers with access to our content in the form that they choose, we are pleased to announce that SBWire is now available on the Kindle.

Coming Soon: Personalized Web Addresses for SBWire Connect

A new feature of SBWire v5 that we are pleased to announce is the ability for members to choose personalized web addresses for member profiles and company profiles.

Update: Full Text RSS News Feeds Now Available By Location

We have added a full text RSS news feed option to our listing of press releases by geographical location. You can now visit the location selection page to find press releases by country and location.

Full Text Press Releases Now Available Using RSS

We are pleased to announce the availability of full text press releases via RSS news feeds as of today. With this addition, we will also continue to offer summary only versions of our news feeds available to current subscribers.