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A Chronicle of Prehistoric Times: Pebbles by Davis Thanjan


Woodside, NY -- (ReleaseWire) -- 02/16/2011 -- Pebbles (ISBN: 978-1-58909-817-6), a new book just released by Bookstand Publishing, is a fascinating chronicle of prehistoric times with special reference to heritage sites around the world that survived more than two millennia.

“Pebbles deals with human history before the birth of Christ,” says author Davis Thanjan, a scientific researcher and author of Kerala, The Legacy of Apostle Thomas in India, and Historic Kerala. “The ancient archaeological and historic sites mentioned in the book are testaments to the human accomplishments that survived more than 2,000 years, like pebbles in the sands of time.”

Pebbles covers historical sites from the earliest humanoid fossil sites in Africa that are more than one million years to the great Roman and Chinese architectural buildings and monuments in the century before Christ. Each of the 15 chapters in the book contains a short summary of the time period, and the major archeological and historic sites that remain.

"Overall, Pebbles is an excellent read for any fan of history or for travelers looking to put the historical sites they visit into the proper context,” says Nigil Bloom ("The Book Critic").

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