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An SEO in Sydney Expert Explains Three SEO Tactics That Can Damage a Website

Top 10 SEO in Sydney has launched a campaign to help people understand the serious mistakes that webmasters and business owners make that can get a site Penalized


Sydney, New South Wales -- (ReleaseWire) -- 01/20/2017 --A leading SEO in Sydney expert has today launched a campaign to help webmasters, and business owners avoid the serious mistakes that can cause a website to drop in ranking and be penalized by Google. Top 10 SEO in Sydney who has become a leader in their field working with clients in Australia, the UK, the USA, and Canada has seen the serious damage that purchasing the wrong services can do to a website.

To increase leads and sales it is important to be found in Google, being found in the right place can make a serious difference to the balance sheet, that is why business professionals and marketing experts advise small business owners to employ professional SEO services. However, due to the importance of ranking high in Google, some small business owners have been buying lots of cheap services that are not worth the price tag they come with, with some resulting in the site being penalized by Google.

Senka from Top 10 SEO in Sydney said: "A lot of small business owners are making serious mistakes by thinking if they buy lots of cheap services it will help them rank high in Google and drive lots of traffic to their sites. However, when people these services sent to them through spam emails, they find the results are not positive, and there is no increase in traffic."

According to Senka from the leading SEO in Sydney agency, when people use the following SEO techniques they could expect negative results which could take some time for a real SEO expert to rectify.

1. Link farms and wheels

This service does not provide positive results for a website. These link farms are set up for the purpose of providing links, but in real terms, they have no real value. They are not quality links and are what is known as false links.

2. Linking from penalized websites

Someone who advertises that they can provide hundreds or thousands of links for a few dollars are not interested in quality links. They are not interested in where the links come from. All they are interested in is selling their service to as many people as possible. These type of links will not go down well with Google due to them being low-quality links and being links from penalized sites. A true SEO professional will provide only quality links and make sure that each link is powerful and comes from professional and trusted sites.

3. Buying Links

A lot of small business owners believe that the more links they have to their site the better ranking they will achieve in Google. However, this is not true. It's all about quality links. By having thousands of worthless links to a website it could result in Google blacklisting that site. When that happens, it means that site will not generate much traffic, leads or sales.

It is advisable to avoid buying links from untrusted companies and to only deal with professional SEO experts. Senka from the leading SEO in Sydney company advises website owners to ignore spam emails offering hundreds of links for a few dollars. Using a cheap link service could be the quickest way to damage a website, which could cost hundreds if not thousands of dollars to fix.

Senka is available to offer advice. She works with clients all over the world including public relations companies, celebrities, health companies, insurance companies, and small business owners.

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