Animated Training Video Maker Animiz --- An Ideal Online Teaching Tool

Animiz has made its new training video maker available for marketers, businesses and other users all across the globe. With its advanced features, Animiz has aimed at making it easier for all to make an animated video for marketing, training and various other purposes for a professional and engaging result.


Hong Kong, China -- (ReleaseWire) -- 11/20/2017 --Online teaching, training and marketing are certain aspects that require the content and message to be communicated in an effective and attention grabbing manner. Animiz, the leading software developers, have presented their new animated training video maker as a perfect solution for online teaching. With its advanced, unique and powerful features, it aims at providing creative ways for users to discuss topics, products or services and communicate the message in an effective and professional manner.

"Our video maker comes with preinstalled scene templates covering a broad range of themes which make it easier for users to create a perfect background for conveying information. No matter what topic one needs to talk about, we have themes for everything", the company officials said. Jerry Fong, the designer of Animiz, said, "Not only for teaching, but for businesses as well, our software as predesigned business templates to make an animated video for marketing and other business purposes."

Explaining further about its features that make it a perfect solution for online teaching, the company officials said that it provides the ease of importing audio and images to enrich the content of the video. The audios can be used as voiceovers or background music to make the video more effective. "Animiz can help in creating attention eye catching teaching videos for online classes which is bound to keep the viewers engaged with its attractive animations, various roles, scenes and camera effects," company officials said wile mentioning why Animiz can be a great tool for online teaching. They further informed, "Users can easily customize the video property like, size, frame rate, video size, video file type or format. For marketing videos, it offers about ten different templates for creating various charts according to respective business data. Plus, it offers smart subtitles and record facility that makes the animated video more engaging and effective."

"In addition to its advanced features, what makes this software more appealing is that it is designed in such a way that users will find it extremely easy to create videos," Jerry Fong said. As told, Animiz comes with a wide range of tools which can be easily used with just a few clicks. Thus, it doesn't require the user to be a technical expert in order to use this software to make an animated video for marketing.

About Animiz
Animiz is created with the goal to provide a genuine help and support to the businesses around the world that struggle to survive due to the fierce competition. For this reason, they created amazing software for animation video making and offer free access to it.