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BlueTrigger Lifestyle Invention Set to Launch Bedtime Game Changer on Kickstarter

On March 6th, BlueTrigger Lifestyle Invention will turn mobile phones into projectors and forever change the way kids see story time.


Dusseldorf, Germany -- (ReleaseWire) -- 03/07/2018 --Who would have thought a story could suddenly come to life on a kid's bedroom wall? But then again, it is the digital age so, why not? Enter, BlueTrigger Lifestyle Invention. They're the innovative team based in Duisburg, Germany who believes story time doesn't always have to put little tikes to sleep. Sometimes it can inspire creativity and wholeheartedly intrigue inquiring minds. Meet the DreamMe Kids Bedtime Story Projector. It's a lightweight apparatus that connects to a smartphone, works in tandem with a reading app, and projects corresponding images onto a bedroom wall or ceiling. Launching on Kickstarter, with a literal story-come-to-life experience right at kids' fingertips, DreamMe Kids will animate stories, increase comprehension, and provide unforgettable one-on-one time. A digitally projected page-turner about a princess, a pirate, or a cat named Blue, anyone?

So here's how this "Why didn't I think of that?" idea works. Designed to promote the bond between parents and children DreamMe Kids is simplistic. Early adopters can choose one of five stories in the DreamMe app, attach the hardware, choose the preferred reading mode and speed, hit play, and transform a smartphone into a visual audiobook. The DreamMe Kids app displays the story's text on the lower half of the screen while the upper half is used for the projection of animated images. Both handy and entertaining, the app will either allow the user to read a story or it can be read by a narrator. Animating the story more, fun sounds for each text passage and animation can be chosen as well. With no harm to the mobile phone display, the focus can be adjusted to different ceiling heights or wall distances merely by rotation. The hardware doesn't require batteries and no technical support is necessary.

Yvonne Joh, CEO of BlueTrigger Lifestyle Invention said of the design of the smartphone projector, "The app and special optics with a high-quality aspherical light lens allow us to work this magic for kids. DreamMe hardware has two parts; an upper portion that carries the optics and a second portion contoured to mirror the image. It retains its symmetry even when the attachment is removed for adjustment. It's so simple and lightweight kids can operate it by basically pointing it at whatever flat surface they want to use as a screen. We think it's a terrific reason to fall in love with reading."

Assembled, the product dimensions are 60 x 60 mm which is hardly larger than an espresso cup. Thanks to the lightweight material, it weighs just over 60 grams and carries no weight during transport.

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About BlueTrigger Lifestyle Invention
Blue Trigger Lifestyle Invention is based in Duesseldorf/Duisburg, Germany and provides the marketplace with innovative lifestyle products. Their flagship product is the DreamMe Kids Bedtime Story Projector.

Yvonne Joh
CEO, BlueTrigger Lifestyle Invention


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