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Clearsight Sets a New Pace with the Android Antivirus with Anti-Hacking Protection


Sofia, Bulgaria -- (ReleaseWire) -- 04/25/2017 --Clearsight has confirmed the release of its new Android Antivirus that brings robust solutions in an easy to use format. Clearsight's product allows the end user to protect their Android against malware, spyware, hacking, etc., in a seamless fashion. It is a dynamic tool that makes it possible for everyone to under a powerful cover irrespective of the threats to their device. Clearsight creates free antivirus that enables people to enjoy their device with great convenience. With this new upgrade, the Android devices can enjoy another layer of protection which may work hand in hand with other in-built device protectors.

The Chief Technology Officer of Clearsight Technologies, Dimitry Chendev, said ''The upgrade represents a strong dedication we have to our customer base. We at Clearsight are constantly looking for the best way to help our customers stay protected irrespective of the various threats through quality, high-resolution antivirus products.''

The user experience has been improved with the introduction of new fields that carry upgraded content protection features. The new features allow each user to access information about his device in real time while weeding out any unforeseen attack on your device.

Furthermore, Dimitry Chendev buttressed the workings of the antivirus by saying ''We have also taken the heightened social media activities into account and have added robust features to help our customers have the best experience. Those who need mobile capability will find the new mobile features perfect for their mobile applications.''

About Clearsight
Clearsight, a premier technology company, provides dynamic antivirus solutions that have a rich interactive media experience. The in-built support allows a unique mobile experience for customers that use Androids. This product allows the device to run smoothly and provides the user with an impressive digital page turning experience.

The creation of a unique product is one of the critical aspects that define the success of a business. With the help of Clearsight Technologies, users have the flexibility of customizing their device to become a powerful warrior against online threats. The recent addition of new features by this company on their software has raised the bar for Android protection.

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