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Countdown to Earth Day Launch With Dag Falck from Nature's Path Organic Foods

Smart Health Talk launches their Countdown to Earth Day with Dag Falck from Nature's Path Organic Foods as their guest for the live radio show on Thursday, April 12th at 4:00 pm PST. Anyone can "listen live" by following the directions under the "about us" tab on the website. Dag has worked directly with farmers for years and served as a Board Member for the Organic Trade Association that helps sets guidelines for organic products.


San Bernardino, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 04/11/2012 --Smart Health Talk has launched a “Countdown to Earth Day” and is posting reminders at least two times per day on their Twitter and Facebook accounts in the hope of raising the consciousness level as to the true scope of what Earth Day is to all of us. Elaine McFadden, the host of Smart Health Talk explains the reason for starting the countdown is that it seems like each year Earth Day comes and goes so fast that we hardly have enough time to really think about what it is all about. A lot is happening in the world and it can feel so big there is nothing we personally can do about it.

“At Smart Health Talk we think of Everyday as Earth Day because we believe that it will only be through our daily efforts that we can control waste, effectively use our resources, and maintain our ability to support a growing planet. We started to think about our biggest motivators, and our children were at the top of the list. That is why we decided to make our Earth Day message, “Our children remind us, Everyday is Earth Day.”

The planet and the need for resources is growing at an unprecedented rate.

People use resources, and in the US we use more than anyone. Much more resources than we need to exist. Our presence has already drastically changed the planet by creating a constant need to be feed energy and stuff that requires energy and resources to make, but we could live without. Our blind greed has already brought thousands of species to extinction with many more dying everyday.

It is going to get worse in the years to come because of the accelerated population growth. According to the UN Population Division, it took from the beginning of our existence on this planet until two hundred years ago to reach one billion people, yet it took only 12 years to create the last one billion people added to the population. We just hit 7 billion a few months ago with 8 billion expected to happen even sooner than the last, so in less than 12 years.

What this means is that we now have a lot more people to share our planets limited resources. Try and think about doubling production of everything we already use, cut it in half, and that is how much we will need in just 20 short years because of population growth. If we continue to pump all of the pollution, pesticides, and trash into the environment we will kill the very things that sustain us and bring us pleasure and joy.

As much as some parts of the agriculture industry want us to believe otherwise, organic farming is actually the answer to many of the problems we are facing today. Instead of expanding farming of genetically modified crops that are dependent on petroleum fertilizers and toxic pesticides, we can use the research that has already been proven that shows how specific organic farming methods can produce higher yields than any other farming method and clean the air in the process.

As we look at a need to feed even more people in the future, we need to be looking at all of the possibilities. Especially those methods that can be done in a sustainable way, that are not dependent on expensive “extras” such as pesticides and herbicides to grow, can produce higher yields, and take carbon from the air and put it into the soil where it can benefit the plant instead of polluting the air seems like a good way to go.

That is why we have invited Dag Falck to join us on Smart Health Talk Radio Show on KCAA Radio 1050 this Thursday April 12th at 4:00 pm PST. We are hoping to gain some knowledge from his many years of experience working directly with organic farmers that supply raw materials for Nature’s Path Organic Foods.

Having also served as a board member for the Organic Trade Association that helps set guidelines for USDA Certified Organic products, Dag has experienced many opportunities for understanding what it means to be an organic farmer that needs to grow and sell a product, and an organic manufacturer that needs to take those raw materials and turn them into a product that people want, and is something they can trust and enjoy.

If you miss the show or want to listen live through the internet, visit us at and click our podcasts that are available 24/7 or the “About Us” tab for ways to “listen live.” Find us on Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube by typing in “SmartHealthTalk.”