Engine Bay Floors

Firehouse Flooring Company Resists Price Increases

Engine Bay Floors hold prices firm by enacting stronger cost control policies


Macungie, PA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 08/04/2010 -- During the first six months of 2010, Engine Bay Floor’s epoxy manufacturing partners experienced a dramatic rise in epoxy resin raw material prices. The increases exceeded 50%.

A “Force Majeure” was declared by one of the major raw material producers and since then other producers have followed suit with equally dramatic price increases. This, of course, has resulted in significant increases to the cost of epoxy-based finished goods.

“Consequently, as of August 1, 2010, all of our epoxy flooring material prices were increased by just 5%.” stated Mike DeCaprio, owner of Engine Bay Floors.

“Engine Bay Floors will NOT pass these price increases onto our valued customers.” according to John P. Cira Esq., senior economic advisor to the company. “After a review of all internal and external costs, the company firmly believes some old fashion “belt tightening” can offset the additional material cost. Engine Bay Floors is in favorable financial position due to an excellent management team. Furthermore, they have an extremely loyal customer base and felt it was not justified to ask their customer base to pay more for a floor.”

For more information about industrial epoxy flooring, contact Mike DeCaprio at mjd@enginebayfloors.com.

About Engine Bay Floors:
Engine Bay Floors, a division of Concrete Restoration Inc., is a leading provider of epoxy flooring solutions for the Fire, Rescue and EMS community. They service accounts throughout the USA and Canada.