FlipBuilder Launches a Children's Story Book Maker for Authors Worldwide

FlipBuilder has come up with a versatile children’s story book maker that enables authors across the world to create children’s story books.


Hong Kong, China -- (ReleaseWire) -- 09/20/2018 --In some ways, writing a children's book can be harder than writing any other kind of book. Not only is it difficult enough to create an interesting, child-friendly plot and dialogue, but also it takes a high level of skill to match the words to the right illustrations. Once the book is put together, there shouldn't be any more obstacles to getting it out to the public, but if the author wants to create a digital book, that can be an even bigger hurdle.

FilpBuilder has a solution. With its innovative children's story book maker, authors can take a PDF, or many other file types, and create a digital children's story book with the rising digital fluency in younger generations. It's important to make sure they can read books the way they want to, or that their parents can read books to their children the way they want to read them. These digital books have the interaction and page turning that make them like a regular book rather than a boring PDF and also make it appealing to children and adults alike.

The similarity narrows the gap between the experience of reading a digital book as compared to a physical one, while still giving all of the convenience of a digital book. To get a digital book, a customer can buy it online and read it instantly. With a print book, they have to wait to get the book, and children are not known for their patience.

There is no sense in making it harder to enjoy a well-crafted book than there needs to be. Solving these kinds of problems is exactly what FlipBuilder loves to do. "We've been thrilled with the variety of uses our software has," Winston Zhang, CEO of FlipBuilder shared. When they started this company, the founders of FlipBuilder hoped their software would be used in a wide array of settings to solve many problems. They weren't thinking about creating a children's story book maker when they wrote this software, but they had to admit that it fits.

FlipBuilder's children's story book maker can convert just about any file type into a digital flip book that features several levels of interactivity. If the children's book involves any kind of music, that piece can start playing when the particular page opens. If the author wants a video embedded on a page, then the book can contain a video. The author can include just about anything that they wish to make their story even better. FlipBuilder's flexibility and streamlined final product make it an obvious choice for a children's story book maker.

About FlipBuilder
FlipBuilder was created to share software that would allow creators to make digital children's books with ease. Its dream has come true. Authors of children's books are clamoring for its software to make digital children's story books.

For more information, check out their website at http://www.flipbuilder.com/.