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Graffiti Safari Is a New Book of Poems With a Provocative Look at Our Social Ills


Miami, FL -- (ReleaseWire) -- 04/28/2011 -- Graffiti Safari (ISBN 978-1-58909-794-0), a collection of provocative poetry just released by Bookstand Publishing, challenges us to look anew at our society and its direction.

“Sometimes poets and visionaries who see the imminent peril of our society have no other alternative than the use of graffiti to warn mankind becoming suicidal,” says author, teacher and poet Roger Geaniton. “Will the message be heard? I hope so.”

In Graffiti Safari, Geaniton takes aim at many issues including:

- Politicians
be aware citizen of the changing world
Words of politicians in electoral season
are not the words of reason

- Revolution
explosion has been the word
when graffiti create the impact for changes
where the size of the walls wasn’t all that matters
starting with student revolution in Paris
1968 a year to remember
explosion in wall-writings expanded and fused into murals
in the Third Reich shake of Germany
Portugal of Salazar
Spain of Franco

- Violence
our children playing with their dolls on mined fields
adult killing for dollars in front of a gun pawnshop
people on a miniature blue planet
why so many prisons in a free world?

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