HOCURA Is the World's First Portable Shelter for Everyday Remedies


Venice, Veneto -- (ReleaseWire) -- 12/07/2016 --HOCURA, the perfectly designed portable storage shelter for medicines, homeopathic and flower remedies, or everyday objects, is live on Kickstarter and raising funds to bring the project to life.

Every day people carry with them medical, homeopathic and natural remedies in small containers and more often than not, don't know where to put them, whether inside their bags or pockets. When it comes time to locate the small precious goods, the items are impossible to find when needed. Often these daily items are delicate or are fragile and may come into contact with electromagnetic waves. HOCURA is the perfect solution to all these problems, a case for small, everyday objects.

"HOCURA is a case for small everyday objects. It's a daily partner simple and intuitive to use, that helps you to organize and keep safe all your precious sources," says founder and creator Paolo Fontana. "Now your homeopathic and flower remedies, medicines, essential oils and all your body and soul care products can finally get a proper place where to be protected!"

HOCURA consists of a main hard shell and a soft case inside and is equipped with 2 openings. From the bigger one, users can easily and quickly access the main compartment. The second cap helps to push the products out of the case to easily grab them.

The external shell is made of impact proof material as well as a protective screen against electromagnetic waves. This features is given by a plastic material with a special additive (master) made of microscopic iron particles in order to create a Faraday cage. Inside there's a shaped rubber designed to hold the most common, and often fragile, vials, dropper bottles or pill jars available on the market.

"In Italian language 'ho cura' means I take care. The product is made with recyclable materials and it has been designed to protect, to involve senses and to guarantee the highest portability," adds Fontana. "It only weighs 120 grams. To design HOCURA we took inspiration from INRO, a traditional Japanese case. We wanted to get a form that follow function with his own personal character."

The HOCURE Remedies Box is currently live and available to support on Kickstarter:

About Signaletic
Signaletic, founded in 2000 by Paolo Fontana, is a graphic and product design company based in Italy. It collaborate with artists, architects and specialists to develop out-of-the-box projects. For the HOCURA task, Pietro Bongiana and Annamaria Pivetta were involved: they gave good design touch, expertise in natural and standard remedies as well as enthusiasm and cheerfulness.

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