Lacunas Reinvents the Flip Flop with an All-Traction Model Ready to Wear Anywhere


Sydney, New South Wales -- (ReleaseWire) -- 01/05/2017 --Lacunas, the revolutionary new flip flop that reimagines the capabilities and functionality of the classic shoe, is live on Kickstarter and raising funds to bring the project to life.

With their patent pending 'smart sole', Lacunas are the first flip flops that provide their user with comfort, traction and fun at every single step. They are designed to blend the comfort and ease of flip flop sandals, with the versatility of traditional athletic shoes and hiking boots. The result is a breakthrough design that takes flip flops to the next level in footwear.

"The Lacunas were developed following frustration I faced when walking across a number of different terrains at beaches, including sand, pebbles and large boulders," says Director Matt Cox on the inspiration behind the project. "It was with this that the product was created, but what it became was far more advanced than I'd initially anticipated."

Lacunas sole is made up of super stable individual elements which are attached by malleable links with shape retention properties. By bending at the links and adjusting to the shape of the foot at every step, Lacunas can grab and grip any surface. It's traction control design for feet. Lacunas sole is made of coupled and blended materials, allowing it to be both super soft on top and super durable underneath, reaching a whole new level of practicality and comfort for flip flops. 

Lacunas sole not only adapts to the shape of the wearer's foot for extra comfort, but also adjusts to the surface of the ground. By both conforming and gripping to the surface, Lacunas significantly reduce the risk of slipping, creating a whole new flip flop all round. Lacunas are ideal to traverse uneven terrain and difficult surfaces such as beach rocks, rock pools, sand, mounds, tracks and perfectly suited for general and everyday use. 

"The design of the Lacunas offers contemporary design techniques, which differentiates itself from other market-leading products," adds Josh Forrester, Product Designer. "It's vibrant colors and unique form factor create a style previously unrecognized in flip flops."

The Lacunas crowdfunding campaign is currently live and available to support on Kickstarter:

About Lacunas
Lacunas is an Australian company specializing in the design and production of the "Lacunas" flip flops. By critically studying the traditional flip flop, and its shortcomings with respect to comfort, practicality and style, the Lacunas company was created. Specializing in one core product, Lacunas has invested 12 months in the development of a shoe that adapts to the foot in a much more flexible manner than traditional flip flops.

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