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Mod Girl Releases Inbound Marketing Handbook to Help CMOs Launch Successful Marketing Strategies

Mod Girl Marketing releases The Modern CMO: A Handbook For Effective Inbound Marketing, a complete guide to help CMOs launch successful marketing campaigns that result in a high ROI.


San Diego, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 11/02/2016 --Being a Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) is not an easy job. Modern CMOs must be well versed in marketing strategies that range from traditional to digital marketing. They need to stay up-to-date on the latest marketing methodologies all while trying to work with a limited budget and produce a positive ROI. Mod Girl Marketing Founder Mandy McEwen understands these challenges which is why she recently released The Modern CMO: A Handbook For Effective Inbound Marketing.

"By working with CMOs for nearly a decade, I understand the pressure they are under to generate and prove a positive ROI from their marketing initiatives," says McEwen. "I also understand how budget constraints prevent them from hiring a robust, experienced team of marketers and utilizing the best marketing technologies. This is why I created the Modern CMOs Handbook for Effective Inbound Marketing."

The Modern CMO Handbook is a complete guide to the major components of inbound marketing which include buyer personas, list building, email marketing, marketing automation, social media, analytics, and more. It's proven that consumers respond to highly informative engaging personalized content across numerous channels, and this 16-page visual handbook explains how to build successful inbound strategies with proven techniques that have worked time and time again.

"Inbound isn't just a fad. It's a modern shift in how companies are using marketing to attract their target consumers based on content they think will be of interest to them," says McEwen. "People no longer respond to old-school marketing tactics that annoy and interrupt. That just plain doesn't work anymore."

The handbook outlines how CMOs can use modern tactics, multiple channels, testing, monitoring consumer behavior, and ongoing optimization to create inbound marketing strategies that actually work. The resource is also more than a handbook. Mod Girl is giving a one-year membership to the Mod CMO Club for the first 25 buyers of the Modern CMO Handbook each month. Mod CMO members will have access to the latest digital marketing trends, information on the best marketing tools AND club member only deals on Mod Girl services.

Members of the Mod CMO Club are also invited to receive exclusive bonus upgrades. Qualifying members will receive one-on-one support through a free 30-minute consultation and inbound marketing audit. Members are also welcome to upgrade their package to get the Mod Inbound Checklist and Marketing Tools Guide at a deep discount.

"Being a CMO can be incredibly stressful, and inbound can be pretty overwhelming," says McEwen. "So I wanted to create a product that would help marketers quickly get over hurdles so they can start executing strategies that effectively boost their ROI in less time." CMOs can learn more about the Modern CMO Handbook and Club by visiting the Mod Girl Marketing Website.

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