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New Psychology Today Article by Sovereign Health Highlights the Important Role Horses Play in the Human Experience


San Clemente, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 08/10/2016 --Sovereign Health is pleased to announce the launch of a new article that's now live on "No Horsing Around About the Human-Equine Bond: These animals shaped our history and, today, are the ultimate therapists." This article, written and edited by Ralph Ryback, M.D., Kristen Fuller, M.D., and Susan Logan-McCracken, is part of the human-animal bond series. This piece explores how for millennia, horses have worked for humans, and today, they serve as the ultimate therapists.

"Animal-assisted therapy is commonly used among behavioral health treatment providers as well as in other medical specialty fields for its beneficial impact on mental health," said Rachael Mattice, managing editor for Sovereign Health. "Sovereign Health's third article in the human-animal bond series takes a closer look at the relationship horses have played in the human experience."

This new article follows three recent Sovereign Health editorials also posted on "The Powerful Psychology Behind Cleanliness: How to stay organized — and reap the health benefits" explores the psychology of cleanliness and organization and why it makes individuals feel good; "Traumatic Brain Injury: The Invisible Illness. How a single concussion can change your life" focuses on the symptoms of traumatic brain injury and how it now makes up nearly a third of all injury-related deaths in the United States; and "The Brain's Delicate Chemistry: The difference between a healthy brain and an unhealthy one is not wide" examines how chemicals in the brain communicate with other molecules that dictate neuroses and personality, and how, when these chemicals go awry, the human brain changes.

The American Humane Association defines animal-assisted therapy as a goal-directed intervention in which an animal is incorporated as an integral part of the clinical health-care treatment process. Benefits of service animals and emotional support animals are endless, and horses have played a major role, not only in shaping the human experience but in equine and equestrian therapy as well.

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About the Authors
Ralph Ryback, M.D., has taught at many institutions, including Harvard Medical School. He's also a psychiatrist with Sovereign Health. Receiving his M.D. from Wayne State School of Medicine and completing his residency at Boston City Hospital, Dr. Ryback brings over half a century of psychiatric experience to Sovereign Health. To read Dr. Ryback's full biography, click HERE.

Kristen Fuller, M.D., is a senior staff writer at the Sovereign Health Group and enjoys writing about evidence-based topics in the cutting-edge world of medicine. She is a physician and author, who also teaches, practices medicine in the urgent care setting and contributes to medicine board education. She is also an outdoor and dog enthusiast.

Susan Logan-McCracken, M.P.W. (Master's of Professional Writing), is an editor for Sovereign Health and an award-winning author. Logan-McCracken has 25 years of experience as a journalist, most recently as the editor of Cat Fancy magazine. She received her master's in professional writing from the University of Southern California, where she became obsessed with accuracy, fair reporting, and correct English usage.

Rachael Mattice is the managing editor for Sovereign Health, leading a team of diversified managers, team leaders, writers and editors in the U.S. and India digital newsroom. Also a freelance music journalist, she pulls from her versatile background in journalism, digital marketing and visual content creation to boost innovative ideas and high-quality assets for the Sovereign Health brand.

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