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Northern Virginia Basement Finishing Company Home Services Unlimited, LLC Prepares for Increase in Painting Projects This Winter

Home Services Unlimited, LLC, a Northern Virginia Basement Finishing Company recommends winter for indoor painting best results.


Manassas, VA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 12/18/2014 --Home Services Unlimited, LLC, a certified Northern Virginia Basement Finishing Company located in Virginia with over thirty years of experience, is preparing for a spike in interior painting projects this winter due to the excellent conditions winter painting provides.

During the winter months, Home Services Unlimited adjusts its focus to accommodate more appropriate jobs for the weather. "Winter isn't a slow season for us. We're just as busy when it's cold as when it's hot since there are different types of jobs for us to complete. Indoor painting is definitely a major component of our winter jobs list," says a Home Services Unlimited representative.

Although it's often too cold to perform outdoor painting duties, indoor painting in the winter offers some interesting benefits:

Proper paint drying. Cooler temperatures allow paint to properly dry, giving it the correct amount of time necessary to prevent improper adherence to the wall surface. This helps prevent peeling later on in the life of the paint and provides a solid base for newer coats of paint.

Less humidity. Painting in the colder months means less humidity, which has a helpful effect on drying paint. With less humidity, there will be less cracking as the paint ages, creating a more beautiful and functional paint job. Don't underestimate the damaging effect of humidity on drying paint.

Additional time. Since winter painting is indoor painting, there's an additional amount of time that can be spent painting. Outdoor painting must end when the sun goes down, but indoor painting provides painters with the option to continue painting even when the sun sets and finish more quickly.

Taking advantage of the winter months is a great time to contact home renovators to address indoor painting projects that were put off in lieu of outdoor projects during the warmer weather. It's also a great time to consider new styles or colors in a room to help brighten winter dreariness and boredom, according to Home Services Unlimited.

Home Services Unlimited is prepared for the influx of winter-based contract jobs. With three decades of experience, the winter spike is almost a tradition. "We work hard, whether it's an indoor or outdoor job, and provide the best remodeling services available in our area. The change in work from one season to the next helps keep things interesting," says the representative.

To schedule a winter renovation, visit: HomeServicesUnltd.com.

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