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Pacific Media Launches Information Service Covering “New Era” Front Projectors

Focus is on the broadening variety of new-technology sub-500 lumen models


Menlo Park, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 05/21/2007 -- Pacific Media Associates, the global market information experts on large-screen displays, announces that they are introducing a new market information service focused on an emerging class of front projectors that are different in both their technology and their target buyers.

During the past two years, the front projector market has seen numerous developments of components that are quantitatively and/or qualitatively different from the classic (“Old Era”) models. Enabled by advances in lasers, LEDs, imager chips, and other technological changes, these “New Era” models are typically considerably smaller, dimmer, lower-powered, and less expensive than most Old Era models. Pacific Media has been tracking their evolution since the beginning, and now is prepared to provide thorough reporting on this emerging market segment.

As with any early-stage development, this segment is marked by considerable confusion and a broad range of technological combinations. For example, most of the smallest models that incorporate LEDs or lasers are battery-powered, but at least one (relatively bright) model requires wall power. The only characteristic that all seem to have in common currently is that they all offer less than 500 lumens of brightness.

Pacific Media’s new information service aims to identify, classify, and quantify the markets for products such as the following types:

• Stand-alone mini-projectors (also known as pocket projectors)
• Snap-on or embedded mini-projector modules for mobile host devices
• Embedded mini-projector modules for “big” host devices
• Lower-end “toy” projectors
• Higher-end gaming projectors
• Personal projectors

The New Era Front Projector Industry Service’s deliverables will be a subset of Pacific Media’s current Front Projector Industry Service, which sets the industry standard for comprehensive coverage of the front projector markets.

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