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Email Attachments Now Viewable Inside Outlook with GetData's Explorer View for Outlook


Hurstville, NSW -- (ReleaseWire) -- 06/26/2007 -- Email attachments can now be viewed inside Microsoft Outlook running on Windows 98 to XP with GetData’s new Explorer View for Outlook.

Word documents, PDF’s, Excel spreadsheets, graphics, CAD files, PowerPoint, photos, video and audio file attachments can all be viewed, searched, copied, printed or played with GetData’s new Explorer View for Outlook application inside Microsoft Outlook.

“It’s a time saving productivity tool that allows users to preview, check and use the contents of an email attachment without leaving Outlook and without having to open other applications to access the particular file,” explained GetData Software director Graham Henley.

“Explorer View for Outlook is aimed at busy office environments which receive lots of email attachments, such as law firms, accountancies, architects firms and engineering, publishing, advertising and marketing companies.

“If you get multiple attachments, PDF files, PowerPoint, photos, you just click once on each one and it previews immediately, and it’s in a secure and protected environment.

“If it’s a long document or spreadsheet, you can search for keywords within the document, copy and print part or all of it, rotate CAD or graphics files, zoom on pictures and view hi-res files.”

GetData’s Explorer View for Outlook is a partner application to GetData’s successful Explorer View for Windows Explorer ( which opens a second preview window in Windows Explorer in which with a single click you can open any file and copy, print, zoom, search or play.

Explorer For Outlook features include:

• Preview Outlook email attachments without leaving Outlook;
• Preview without requiring or opening other applications;
• Secure and protected preview environment - as a preview tool, doesn’t execute files, just previews;
• Play music, watch videos, read and search documents, all from inside Outlook;
• Copy and paste directly from email attachment to new message or other applications;
• Print directly from the preview window;
• Lists files contained in archive and database file attachments;
• Try-before-you-buy download option.

Graham Henley says GetData Software would launch the product worldwide this week with a two-for-one deal at the same price as Explorer View for Windows Explorer at US29.95, for a single user, from and