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Celebrating the Cats that Enrich Our Lives


Santa Rosa, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 05/26/2009 -- CatHouse (ISBN 978-1-58909-571-7) is a charming collection of tales and anecdotes that celebrate the cats that enrich our lives with their unique personalities, humorous antics and feline affection. This new book, just published by Bookstand Publishing, is written by local author and cat lover, Lucille Dumbrava, and is a must read for anyone who loves pets, especially cats.

“I wrote this book because of my love affair with cats,” says author Lucille Dumbrava. “My cats have given me comfort and tears and laughter and contentment. I think much of what I have become is because I am fond of and appreciate cats. I wanted to share their stories.”

CatHouse takes the reader along on camping trips, travels to foreign countries, on life-changing moves. The reader meets Pepper, the gourmand; "El Tigrito", a cat that took Spain by storm, Tuffy, the little scaredy-cat; Koala, the kitty who washes her cat toys; and many others.

"Lucille's cats are part of the family, have their own personalities, and live rich, interesting lives that are well told in this book,” according to writer Jay Gamel in a recent book review in the Kentwood Press. “Dumbrava writes well and tells a good story, recapping the lives of her feline friends in an amusing and emotional style.”

Lucille Dumbrava is a retired school teacher and counselor and is a regular contributor to the Catnip Chronicle and has been published in Cats and Kittens magazine.

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