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Earth's Energies and Human Health


Gilroy, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 09/14/2009 -- A Year in the Field (ISBN: 978-1-58909-541-0), a new book just released by Bookstand Publishing, is an eye-opening account of the profound effect that earth energies have on human health. It is based on the experience of the author during "a year in the field," surveying and working to bring healing energies to broken and defiled places.

The author, Michael Smith, shows us that, "there are forces in our lives, invisible forces beyond our five senses, that we interact with energetically day-in, day-out, and the quality and character of our interaction is of lasting presence because it affects our lives beyond this life.”

Crammed with case studies, A Year in the Field gives a first person account of Smith’s experiences and explorations surveying properties, clinics, schools, residences and accident prone areas around the Midwest. What he discovers is a wake-up call for us all.

“Whether harmful or harmonic, time does not melt or clear the energy of our actions and emotions by itself," says Smith. "Much of it is still here, emanating from the land, blowing the energy of past events up our legs and back in our face. Areas of unhealthy earth energy can negatively affect the health and well-being of those living at a site and can contribute to many debilitating health problems including insomnia, migraines, chronic fatigue and cancer by wearing down a person’s immune system and thus weakening the body’s ability to fight off illnesses."

Smith is a creative producer for educational television, a skilled dowser and the founder of The Institute of Energy Arts.

"I believe this is the work ahead of us. The work of clearing the Earth of detrimental energies so a healthier, more radiant field of energy may thrive," says Smith. "It’s a new dimension of stewardship. The dimension of energy gardening. There is no boundary between our bodies and the greater body of the Earth. Outside is inside. By healing injured lands we begin to heal ourselves. Like planet, like body.”

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