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Neurotic's Guide to Retirement

A humorous and poignant look at retirement and growing old


Napa, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 03/26/2010 -- The Neurotic’s Guide to Retirement (ISBN: 978-1-58909-631-8), a new book just released by Bookstand Publishing, is a whimsical and heart-felt collection of observations about retirement and growing old.

“My working definition of a neurotic is anybody who makes a situation more difficult than it needs to be,” says author Peggy Prescott, a retired elementary school teacher from Napa Valley, California. “Among the symptoms can be overanalyzing, indecisiveness, reluctance to let go, and over-planning. If you are retired, you may already be familiar with them and, sometimes, it’s nice just to know you’re not alone.”

The 33 “Observations” in Neurotic’s Guide to Retirement provide the framework through which Prescott reflects on both the challenges and pleasures of retirement and aging. The “observations” vary from the humorous, such as “Our personalities retire with us. The warts don’t go away and you have a lot more time to look at them,” to the wise, such as “Retirement is not a friendly field for neurotic thinking. That is the first thing you should lose.”

Retirees from across the nation are enjoying the wit and wisdom in this little book.

“Peggy Prescott’s wonderfully funny Neurotic’s Guide to Retirement sets up some really good entertainment,” says George Stratton, retired educator and author of Granite Land, Lava Land. “Read the chapter on “It-Losing” and you’ll chuckle for days, I promise.”

"With a sharp eye on the reality of retirement, Prescott brings wit and insight to so many familiar situations facing the mature years," says Beclee Newcomer Wilson, who has a Masters in Social Work in Gerontology and is author of Women in Bits and Pieces. “It is a primer for baby boomers on learning to live with lots of time."

"Somebody facing retirement will find this book both entertaining and helpful," says therapist Irene Pettit.

“Peggy Prescott’s ability to take everyday experiences and present them in a robust, yet whimsical way is amazing,” says Suzanne Bruce, author of Voices Beyond The Canvas.

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