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Ottawa, ON, Canada -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/3/2006 -- Ancient lore that stretches back more than five thousand years tells of chakras or energy points that reside within each person. Millions of adherents around the world possess at least some understanding of chakras and their harmonic relationship to physical, mental and spiritual well-being. There are seven "base" chakras.

The fourth chakra, located in the upper abdomen is called Anahata, a Sanskrit word meaning "fresh". It is identified with the colour green and resonates anatomically with the thymus gland, arms, hands, lungs and the heart. Spiritually however, it's all about love.

A company called ChakraVibe handcrafts jewelry that celebrates the harmony of mind, body and spirit. Unique necklaces, earrings and chokers are created drawing from the essential essence of the chakras. Each is designed to enhance the individual qualities of one or more chakras.

ChakraVibe integrates Swarovski crystals and luscious semi-precious gemstones gathered from around the world into numerous attractive styles that reflect the humanity of chakras and the intrinsic power they bring to personal balance.

ChakraVibe have unveiled their "Heart Chakra Bracelet". Its creation was inspired by Valentine's Day and how the heart is "linked" to the annual celebration of love. It includes stones representing all of the chakras on a chain made up of heart shaped links in .925 sterling silver.

The "Heart Chakra Bracelet" is immersed in the spirit of love, first in its design, then through its hand-made assembly and when given as a gift, for all eternity. For those seeking to make a genuine offering of love, such an item can be a truly meaningful gift for a lover, special friend and even as a personal affirmation.

The fourth chakra is where the emotions of unconditional love, trust and compassion originate. The traditional colour of Valentine's Day is unmistakably red but those who appreciate chakras know that the colour of love is green.

That makes the ChakraVibe green necklace the obvious choice from a broad selection of handcrafted gift options. It features the very finest Swarovski crystals gathered into a decorative cluster adorning a .925 sterling silver chain with matching clasp. ChakraVibe are so enthusiastic about the wearing of the green at Valentines that they are including a free pair of single crystal earrings with each necklace as a Valentine to their customers.

Ample support is provided to those wishing to select a jewelry item to give as a gift, beginning with a user friendly website for online ordering and including with each choice, specific information about the significance of the piece and its role in the achievement of personal balance and harmony.

ChakraVibe are proud that their jewelry is breathtakingly beautiful and very real, but the true gift is the inner peace, love and serenity they inspire. And that gift is always welcomed.

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