Incredible Discoveries

United States Based Company Announces Available Funding for Infomercials


Deerfield Beach, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/6/2006 -- Incredible Discoveries, one of the largest producers of direct response infomercials in the world, today announced they are working with a funding group that is in the process of looking for potential infomercial products worldwide, to co-fund direct to consumer marketing campaigns in the United States.

Through the use of their "GET DISCOVERED" website, businesses anywhere in the world, can fill out a short feasibility questionnaire to see if their product meets the basic criteria for possible United States based infomercial funding.

"This is an exciting new feature for businesses around the world who think they might have a great product for a direct response infomercial in the United States. We are in the process of looking for potential infomercial products throughout the world to co-fund, and thought this new 'GET DISCOVERED' website was the perfect vehicle for companies to get a free product evaluation", said Lee Kaplan, Director of Research for Incredible Discoveries.

If you think that you have a great product to market in the United States, and want to see if you meet the criteria for co-funding, please go to

Incredible Discoveries, a division of Immediate Capital Group, is a fully integrated production and marketing company that specializes in long-form infomercial development. ICG co-funds media ventures involving half hour infomercials and offers funding opportunities for manufacturers to launch products via multi-media venues. ICG hosts a team of dynamic professionals with years of direct response ingenuity and expertise. Their unique and fresh approach to infomercial programming has facilitated partnerships with some of the largest agencies and manufacturers in the world.