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Certified Northern Virginia Basement Finishing Home Renovators Home Services Unlimited, LLC Cautions Homeowners, Reports DIY Injuries on the Rise

Home Services Unlimited, LLC discusses the risks of opting for DIY projects over hiring a professional.


Manassas, VA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 12/19/2014 --Between hand injuries from hammer accidents, falls from a ladder, and the possibility of electric shock, DIY home improvement projects pose serious risks to homeowners. Home Services Unlimited, LLC, a Virginia-based certified home renovator company with over thirty years of experience in renovations, cautions homeowners on the perils of choosing to make repairs or remodeling changes on their own, rather than employing a professional contractor to do the work safely, noting that DIY injuries are on the rise.

In the U.S., there are almost 400 electrocutions that occur each year, with a large percentage of them due directly to attempted DIY wiring projects. Over 30,000 nonfatal electrical accidents occur each year, making electrical work unsafe, if not fatal. With the economic downturn, many people are attempting difficult electrical repairs themselves, rather than paying out of pocket for a professional. This tendency has created a surge in DIY-related injuries and fatalities across the nation. Yet the money potentially saved by making a repair oneself could be offset by medical bills from injuries incurred making said repair.

"These accidents appear to be increasing each year," says a Home Services Unlimited representative. "Do-it-yourself home renovation projects might seem cost-effective, but in reality, it's far more cost-effective, and safer, to hire a professional."

Approximately 360,000 home fires are reported every year and of those reported, the primary cause is electrical malfunction. Untrained efforts to repair electrical wiring (while often appearing to be successfully completed) cause numerous injuries due to unforeseen issues with the wiring. These issues are generally known problems for professional electricians and contractors, thus highly avoidable when the appropriate person completes the task. Even simple basement finishing can lead to electrical shock, a fall from a ladder, or worse.

The representative from Home Services Unlimited had this to say: "Every year we encounter a significant number of stories about homeowners attempting remodeling or repairs on their own, which inevitably result in a trip to the hospital. It's an unfortunate fact that contractor work is sometimes dangerous, but we are trained and certified to handle that danger properly and have a great deal of prior experience to pull from."

Here are some of the most common benefits to hiring a certified renovator:

Safety. Professional contractors employ standard safety precautions and know what to expect from a given building and repair scenario.

Professional quality work. The results are higher quality, with any scuffs or dents repaired once the work is finished.

Quick turnaround. The job is completed faster when there are multiple people working.

Great results without the effort. It's nice to have a room remodeled without lifting a finger.

"What this means is that it's far more effective for homeowners to hire a professional," says the representative. "Not only does the project get done correctly and efficiently, but it's also done in the safest way possible."

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