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Clearsight Antivirus Announces Compatibility with the Current Windows 10 Release

Clearsight Antivirus is very pleased with delivering new products that are compatible to run on the new Windows operating system.


London, UK -- (ReleaseWire) -- 02/23/2015 --Clearsight Antivirus, an award-winning producer of Internet threat protection, today announced that its Clearsight Antivirus product suite has been tested under the latest beta release of Windows 10 and is fully compatible. Businesses of all sizes that are planning to deploy Microsoft's new offerings can now use Clearsight Antivirus' advanced and efficient endpoint protection technology, which is managed through a new administration console that gives IT managers more visibility and control than ever before over all facets of the network.

"As a Microsoft Partner, Clearsight Antivirus founders have focused its efforts on delivering a stable, fully-functional security suite that offers seamless protection on Day 1 of Microsoft's new product availability," said Cyril Chendev, Head of Product Marketing, Clearsight Antivirus. "Businesses using Clearsight Antivirus will benefit greatly from Clearsight Antivirus significant improvements we have made to our anti-virus performance and detection capabilities, which also include fast deployment and new reporting capabilities, will be equally evident."

More than ever before, new economic realities are forcing all businesses to do more with less. IT managers are confronted daily with challenging dilemmas, including "how to balance network protection with user productivity," and "maintain a comprehensive endpoint solution at the lowest price available to them." With those challenges in mind, Clearsight Antivirus has introduced Clearsight Antivirus Free for Business which consists of:

- Clearsight Antivirus Free — which will provide you with essential real-time protection against the latest virus threats.

- Clearsight Antivirus Endpoint Premium — a newly renovated management console that offers more visibility and control over your network, built to enhance time-consuming policy management tasks. This central management console is fully-operational with Windows network environments, including new Microsoft server and client operating systems. The product uses dual scan engine technology, and includes comprehensive zero-day protection and free technical support.

"Clearsight Antivirus works with Microsoft products from the outset to ensure its products are ready for Windows 10. We are very pleased with delivering new products that are compatible to run on the new operating systems," said Daniel Chendev, Head of Support at Clearsight Antivirus. "More importantly, our corporate clients really appreciate the fact that they don't have to wait for their endpoint security vendor as they prepare to deploy Windows 10."

About Clearsight Antivirus MGM - Easy Managed Security
The powerful new version of Clearsight Antivirus Lab's console provides centralised management for security policy, with a new interface and dashboards that provide real-time visibility into networks of all sizes. Clearsight Antivirus significantly improved features for rapid deployment, management and reporting, providing functionality that range from endpoint discovery to device management. Providing easy-to-use deployment tools of the Clearsight Antivirus MGM provides a clear picture of which machines are running on a network, simple removal of unauthorised or incompatible software, and wizard-based guidance for deploying new software across an organisation. Clearsight Antivirus is scalable for small organisations, or up to hundreds of thousands of nodes.