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Mod Girl Marketing Releases Infographic Showing Pros of Outsourcing Marketing to an Agency, Rather Than Hiring in-House

Digital Marketing Consultant and founder of Mod Girl Marketing, Mandy McEwen outlines the benefits of outsourcing marketing to a boutique agency, over hiring staff in-house. Price, performance, learning curve, complexity of training, and difficulty upscaling are a few of the downsides to hiring your own internal marketing team.


San Diego, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 05/07/2015 --Hiring internal marketers is an alluring idea at first, as it gives business owners the most oversight and direct control over all marketing decisions. Conducting in-office meetings on-site is the default for most companies, but an increasing percentage of digital marketing activities are being outsourced these days. According to a 2013 study by Gartner, up to 50% of digital marketing activities (including search, social media, content creation, mobile marketing, ecommerce, website maintenance, and analytics) are outsourced due to "the pace of change and needs for specific skills." A new infographic designed by Mod Girl Marketing outlines some of the advantages of outsourcing marketing work to an agency.

According to the infographic, cost is a major driving factor for many companies to choose outsourcing. The cost to obtain mid-career professionals ranges from $46,000 for a graphic designer to $72,000 for a digital marketing manager's salary. The total cost to assemble a small team of in-house marketers easily soars above $337,000 for salaries alone – not even including vacation time, training costs, healthcare and other employee benefits.

"What we find, in many cases, are companies that try to cut corners by dumping more than one duty onto one person," explains Mandy McEwen, founder of Mod Girl Marketing. "Businesses will hire one 'digital marketing' person who wears many hats, covering all of the social media, blog content, pay-per-click campaigns, mobile marketing and web design. However, they find that they are not getting the results they want. To be competitive, you really need more than one full-time worker hammering away at your online marketing strategy. We have a team of 33 fully-trained experts ready to work on your campaign. Each individual eats, sleeps and breathes their particular specialty, so you're getting a really effective team for the money invested."

Hiring an outsourced team means:

- No additional training hassles or expenses
- No learning curve trying to learn the latest digital marketing tools
- No "groupthink" stagnation or tunnel vision
- Easy upscaling, without the need to on-board more employees to cover increased work demands
- Access to $40,000 in digital marketing tools and analytics reports

Yet, McEwen understands the reservations many companies face in making the switch to working with an agency. "We have a lot of clients who've soured on working with a big agency. They initially are distrustful of the outsourcing process because of bad experiences they've had in the past. Yet, they soon see that, as a boutique agency, Mod Girl Marketing is vastly different from the big marketing agencies out there."

Businesses run into problems when big marketing agencies:

- Take on too many clients at once, leading to poor customer service
- Work on a strict 8 to 5 / Monday to Friday schedule, despite differences in time zones and need
- Claim to be "Jacks of all Trades," applying the same marketing "formula" to all businesses, regardless of industry
- Claim to hyper-focus on one particular industry, yet still work from a template that fails to perform

"It's hard to find good help these days – we get that! By contrast, we only take on a select number of clients at a time. Our packages are completely customized to the individual client as well – so, for instance, we're not going to recommend press releases to you if you don't need it. We're fully accessible to you whenever you need us, on a moment's notice. We work with a point person for your company to collaborate on content strategies that apply to your target market and use our team of college-educated, experienced experts to produce great results for your business. We have people on staff who specialize in the healthcare, home services, professional services, and tech industries, specifically. You can't get better value than that."

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