The Terra Cotta Inn Clothing Optional Resort and Spa

How to Beat the Summer Heat this Year - Dare to Go Bare on your Vacation

With the record heat waves, how does one stay cool and comfortable on their summer vacation? Do as nudists do and join the fastest growing trend in the travel industry, vacationing at a clothing optional resort.


Palm Springs, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 08/03/2006 --In't been a long hot summer this year. One only has a few choices for beating the heat. You can exhaust yourself shopping at the local mall for new lightweight resort wear and spend an equal amount of time worrying how you will look in your new, expensive clothes. Or, you can decide to pack light for this year's vacation. Real light in fact. All you will need to wear is your birthday suit, suntan lotion, and a smile. This is the year you should finally try staying at a clothing optional resort.

I can hear you thinking. "What, me vacationing at a nude resort? It sounds unusual." Not really. Europeans have been visiting naturist resorts and nude and topless beaches for decades. In Europe, when the temperatures go up, the clothes come off. A recent news story on stated "Brits say bye bye to the bikini for an all over tan."

There has never been a better time to take a clothing optional vacation in America than now. Forbes Magazine reports that nude recreation is the fastest growing niche in the travel industry. Palm Springs, California is one of the most popular destinations as they have the best year round weather of all cities in the U.S. You never need to worry about hurricanes while relaxing poolside in sunny Palm Springs.

You may wonder, who goes to nudist resorts? Everyone! Democrats and republicans, the tall and the short, thin and not thin, and the young and old all have fun sunbathing au naturel. Baby boomers in particular have been flocking to nudist resorts lately. They have always been an experimental generation. It is only natural that boomers should seek out new travel experiences and fun adventures.

"But I need to lose 10 or 20 or more pounds before I can come to your resort." Tom and Mary Clare Mulhall, the owners of the popular Terra Cotta Inn Clothing Optional Resort and Spa of Palm Springs CA hear this comment all the time from "newbies." The Terra Cotta is famous for being the most mainstream nude resort in America. They are the best place for couples trying nude sunbathing for the first time. This beautiful boutique resort was originally built as a celebrity hideaway. With its privacy it is perfect for experienced nudists and "first timers."

"The good thing about vacationing at a clothing optional resort," says Mary Clare "is it really builds a woman's self esteem. She will see that all women are 'normal.' So many women tell me that they hate wearing bathing suits because they feel self conscious, but love going nude because now, for once in their lives they truly feel free and don't have to worry how they look in a suit. It is a great feeling knowing how happy women are vacationing with us."

So this summer, if you are looking to beat the heat, try something cool. Book your vacation at a clothing optional resort. If you go, this will be the year all your friends will want to hear about your new fun adventure.