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Cure the Holiday Blues With Life Coaching!

Never Before Offered - Holiday Gift Will Give You a Month of Personal Coaching for the Price of ONE HOUR!


Camrose, AB, Canada -- (ReleaseWire) -- 12/01/2006 --Sylvia MacKenzie, Life Coach at PowerLife! Solutions for Change, is announcing a unique, never before offered gift of dedicated personal life coaching for an entire month for the price of a typical one-hour session.

PowerLife! is all about getting people untangled from overwhelm, unstuck from anxiety and depression, and turning on the zest for life juices. How are these things accomplished? With the power of 100% focus on the client and his or her issues.

The holiday seasons are not wonderful, magical times for everyone. "I know from experience," says Sylvia, "that the dark days of winter and the Season of Good Cheer are all too often catalysts for major anxiety, loneliness and depression. These feelings can even cause illness, or make existing ones worse."

Every year around this time, documentary specials and talk shows promote philanthropy - give to the poor, shelter, clothe and feed the homeless, give some 'buddy' time to those who live alone, and discuss other gestures of caring and sharing. Still, too many people are left to suffer in silence.

Even gift-giving can put tremendous strain on people - and not just those who cannot afford the expense. There are many stresses that strike many pressure points during the winter holiday period.

Sylvia states, "There is tremendous power in personal life coaching. My clients lose the blues almost immediately. All of their personal challenges are dealt with in a spirit of empowerment - and self-esteem soars!" She goes on to say, "The process is enlightening, and even fun - for me too! Coaching is an extremely satisfying and personally rewarding way to contribute meaningfully to others."

PowerLife! Solutions is making this offer available for anyone who wants a taste of the life coaching experience - or, for themselves to give as a gift to a friend or loved one who would welcome this opportunity.

"Sadly, too many people struggle through the holiday and winter stresses just barely coping." said Sylvia. "I came up with the most useful gift I could think of. One that would have lasting benefit. Life coaching for a full month was the answer."

When asked why she chose to spread the coaching sessions over a one month period, Sylvia said, "That is the best way to achieve meaningful results. We all need regular doses of supporting and encouraging words. There is great comfort in having a completely unbiased mentor with whom to discuss our feelings and beliefs."

There are only two requirements to participate in this special offer.
1. The client should be able to commit to a weekly schedule for the telephone sessions (the client incurs no long distance charges)
2. The client must have the capability to send and receive emails.

Sylvia explains that those who sign up should be prepared to talk freely and openly. "Life coaching is, after all, about guidance through the deepest issues and most challenging events. Confidentiality is assured."

'Tis the Season - but not everyone is Merry! Now is the time to help yourself or someone you care about.

To learn more about the gift of life coaching from Sylvia MacKenzie, visit this website page: http://www.powerlife-solutions.com/newsletters.html