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Social Media Reporting for Pink Banana Media Clients

The Latest in #hashtag performance reports; and Instagram visual integration


West Hollywood, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 10/21/2013 --We're pleased to announce the launch of our Social Media Reports, v1.0, for our Pink Banana Media clients. Businesses participating in our social media enhanced LGBT business directories can now see first-hand how their business directory listing is performing, as well as have access to a single profile from which they can view all of their social media activity, including what others are saying about their business as well.

In these social media reports, participating business can view in one screen, as well as via an e-mail report:
- General performance of their listing
- Latest photo uploads
- Twitter and social media #hashtag REACH and IMPRESSIONS, as measured by
- Latest blog postings and articles related to their business (content marketing)
- Blogspot, Tumblr and other RSS feed summaries
- #hashtag performance as viewed by ( and Facebook (
- Latest Instagram photos uploaded by business
- Latest Instagram photos uploaded by folks using the business's unique #hashtag
- Summarized, visual social media updates by business, as displayed by

More information on Pink Banana Media's social media reports can be found here: