Technology: Online Services - Press Releases Now Offering Free Clipart Special invites consumers to take advantage of their current drinkware personalization special, which features all clipart available at no cost. The promotional product supplier specializes in various beverage items sold in bulk that can be customized, such as koozies, water bottles, mugs, and more. Customers can quench their thirst with quality beverage containers that make a statement, promote, or celebrate an occasion.

DevriX WordPress Web Development Agency Credited with Helping Businesses Increase Lead Generation

DevriX is a web development agency that helps companies to create a positive online brand. The company has gained a reputation for providing their clients with real results. Through their knowledge and experience, they have helped their clients to increase their online presence, and improve lead generation and revenue.

Tax Specialist Unveils EIC Filing Tips for 2015

Tax specialist and contributor Frank Ellis has published an informative article on how taxpayers can claim the earned income credit this year. People with a small or modest income can qualify.

Consumer Convenience Demands Increases Niche Online Shopping

LogoPicking Perfection newsletter reported with online shopping becoming so prevalent customers can easily find the retailers who are the best in their niche, can make purchases with a few clicks, and have the items delivered to their door. Shoppers still value convenience but now have other ways to find it: all the social networking sites, deal sites, and other tools on the web. Shoppers can shop for products easily online and also discover niche retailers for all the things they want, even the things they did not know they wanted. Sites like Pinterest and various shopping social networks are making it easier for customers around the world to discover these niche retailers.

TurboTax Offers Online W-2 Form Finder for 2014, 2015 Tax Return

In working towards their goal of assisting Americans with their tax returns, Best IRS Refund has teamed with TurboTax to bring their services to those looking to complete their 2014 tax returns online. As most already know, some documentation is needed before one can begin to complete their tax return.

Start of 2014, 2015 IRS Tax Season Announced by American Tax Service

Tax specialist Frank Ellis has revealed the start of tax season in a new article on the American Tax Service website. The IRS starts processing returns on January 20, he reveals. Taxpayers can also go to an H & R Block office to prepare their returns quickly and complete the filing process.

Forex Monster Offers Review of Forex EA

Forex Monster has unveiled Review Of Forex EA to ensure that traders get all the information they need about the leading brokers and expert advisors in the business.

Super Affiliate Machine, the New Affiliate Website Builder Launches January 20, 2015

LogoSuper Affiliate Machine is launching on January 20, 2015. The highly anticipated affiliate marketing tool being released by Austin Anthony and Mo Taqi combines the best of expertise, experience, and software technology.

Get the Best Quality Business Press Releases from the Leading Digital Marketing Firm Ultimate Digital Group

LogoAs described by the company officials at Ultimate Digital Group, they believe that efficient and informative business press releases do in turn help to increase the local web visibility for a company's website. Thus, nowadays this is a highly trending Search Engine optimization tool that is being utilized by businesses all over the world.

The Ultimate Digital Group Are Now Offering Free Analysis of the Web Marketing Scenario of Businesses

LogoThe digital marketing firm Ultimate Digital group is offering to do a free analysis of one's present digital marketing circumstances to help them understand and uplift their current marketing strategies for a more successful targeted marketing. That would help the company to go an extra mile for real success.

Celebridge Announces $1.2 Million Promotional Giveaway Campaign

Celebridge, a New York City based internet technology company, launches a new $1.2 million promotional giveaway campaign focused on the company's effort to create an unique yet exciting online social experience for its customers. Revolutionizes the Way Backup Is Taken by Adding Phenomenal Transactional Approach, Security and Reliability has come up with the latest in the world of backup technology, as it offers flexibility and advanced security to the files of the users. By ensuring that the users are able to see the OS X backup and files of previous date easily, and allowing file transfer over FTP and SFTP faster than ever before, ImmortalFiles aims to enhance the productivity of the users, while also ensuring that the worries related to data loss and data security are gone forever. It is the only application available today that allows transfer and backup of 10 million or more files at the same time. And, since the process takes place with a transactional approach, one does not need to worry about data loss due to the connection, restarting backup due to power failure, and for any other circumstances that leads to backup progress being halted. As and when the user starts the backup process again, transfer and backup progress restarts from the point of error. Plus, the log records let the users know what went wrong, and why.

Bitcoin Alternative DNotes Celebrates as One of the First Long Term Alternative Cryptocurrencies

LogoWith savings plans and several innovative initiatives long term cryptocurrency DNotes continues to celebrate progress made in 2014 with scheduled roll-outs of many more Cryptocurrency Investment Savings Plans (CR.I.S.P) using newly launched DNotesVault.

Renderforest, an Online FreeVideo Creation Platform, Has Been Launched

In the past broadcast quality video creation was always a hassle. Users had to purchase various video templates, manually license music tracks, purchase expensive software or hire a third party editor who could edit video projects. This process wasted lots of money and time.

Introducing the Enhanced Method of Search Engine Optimization by the Ultimate Digital Group

As suggested by a recent study conducted by AOL, it is proven that those pages that appear on the first page of a search engine upon query receive 90 percent higher success rate than those that appear on the second. This success rate is calculated on the basis of click through traffic received by the website in question. The main aim behind an effective Search Engine Optimization is to increase the chances of visitors finding the client website. This is best achieved by using effective SEO tools to bring one's website on the first search page of the leading search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo. Thus, this increases the local presence of a client's small business which helps to bring more and more potential warm leads to their company.

RidgefieldCTReal.Estate Launches New Website to Best Meet Home Buyer and Seller Needs

Amy Mosley, a Ridgefield CT Real Estate agent working with Coldwell Banker, announces the release of her new website, a website designed to assist the potential home buyer in ridgefield ct. Individuals wishing to know more about the area, property taxes, the history of Ridgefield, and more will find this website to be of great assistance. The same holds true for those who need to know more about the local transit system, public and private schools, and other amenities found in the area.

VeriShow, the Easy Experience a Dealership Can Provide While Selling Cars

LogoVerishow is a live support and collaboration platform, which, according HBR Labs CEO Yuval Moed, is designed to meet the needs of the new emerging customer who want to interact in person with agents. Essentially, the program is made to enhance customer service. Car dealership representatives are looking to engage customers as soon as they get to their website and VeriShow's platform can help engage personal sales with this new technology.

httpFusion Increases Client Business Using Eye Gaze Path Tools

LogoAlthough there are several sophisticated tools that allow marketers to zero in on specific campaign elements that are and are not working, most SEO and marketing firms are not capitalizing on them.

Keep Protect Helps Reduce Online Vulnerability with New Website Scanner

Websites and web applications are exposed to online threats on an ongoing basis. These threats have increased in recent years. With such threats, the owners of the websites and applications are therefore vulnerable to an array of negative consequences.

Innovative Marketers Open New Frontiers in Interactive Digital Advertising

In today's cyber-connected world where social media has not just changed the way people interact, but the way people consume information, traditional digital marketing has caused an advertising blindspot within the digital space.

Falling in LOL Helping to Reduce the High Levels of Stress Around the World Through Laughter

Falling in LOL, aka Falling in Love of Laughter, is pleased to announce that they have launched a powerful tool and weapon against stress. Laughter is a social therapeutic and self-help tool to alleviate stressful situations in life. The website is set up to promote the physiological and psychological benefits of having fun and laughing.

New Amazon Office Furniture Retail Store Profile Goes Live

LogoKit Out My Office have today just launched their first official seller account on Amazon (, opening up the brands reach and adding new value and an extended range to the already extensive line of office desks and storage units available on the UK Amazon Marketplace.

FALLING IN LOL Says Laughter Can Help Improve a Person's Health by Reducing Stress Levels

Falling In LOL, which is a website that helps people reduce their stress levels through laughter, has said it is important that people reduce their stress levels to avoid serious health problems. Stress can cause health problems, which includes headaches, muscle pain and tension, stomach pain, or fatigue. When a person suffers from stress, it can also cause heart disease, obesity, as well as high blood pressure, which show the importance of finding ways to combat stress. With the serious health problems that stress can cause, the Falling In LOL ( has become an important site in helping people achieve better health.

Voile d'Ombrage France Launch New Mobile Website

Voile d'Ombrage France are authorised retailers of the Sail Shade World product range. Sail Shade World are an Australian company and the world's largest supplier of shade sails, with over 80,000 units sold.

Promotional Lanyards, Badges and Id Holders Can Now Be Got Overnight

There is good news for those companies who want lanyards, badges and ID holders urgently because can supply these items overnight. Another good news is that they have just restructured their website so it has a more mobile-friendly design.