Technology Press Releases

Over 10,000 Print Industry Professionals to Attend Gulf Print & Pack 2015

Over 10,000 printing industry professionals are expected to descend on Dubai in April when Gulf Print & Pack 2015 opens for business at the Dubai World Trade Centre (DWTC).

Selling Arena Celebrates Official Launch

Selling Arena is an interactive and engaging online shop that acts as a marketplace or classified service where users can post free video advertisements, buy or sell various products, and reach out to local communities. The goal of the website is to provide a common platform for posting free online advertisements for anything from a used to car to a new job.

Biocera on the Need of Drinking Alkaline Antioxidant Water

The word 'nanotechnology' feels advanced even in this world of highly evolved technological marvels. The usual perception is that it is something applicable solely to the world of high science. Korean service Biocera is all set to change this illusion. Their nanotechnology based products are made for general consumer benefits. Enlightens Readers on Malaysia Budget Car Rental Tips is a Malaysian Car Rental Company that offers Budget Car Rental, Sedan Car Rental, Luxury Car Rental, Van Rental and Chauffeur Driven Service. According to the minds behind the company, was established to fulfill the needs of customers that were not catered for by the other car rental companies in the area. After conduct many researches and surveys Car Asia was able to pinpoint the variances between the needs of customers and the services available. Announces a Partnership with Former en Vogue Diva Maxine Jones

LogoRevohloo Studios, Inc. A Las Vegas Tech Start-up, announced today their partnership with Maxine Jones, the former En Vogue Diva has not only invested in the startup but has officially joined Team Revohloo as Artists Liaison. Details of the investment have not been made public. The company recently launched the beta version of their music video technology.

Happy Faces Melbourne Face Painting Launches Brand New Website

Happy Faces Melbourne Face Painting, one of the area's most active and well-reviewed face painting services, launched a new company website at The brand new website details the company's fun, popular face painting services, including a vibrant assortment of pictures representing the kinds of work clients can expect. With three distinct, affordable packages that cover most common needs and custom quotes delivered on request, Happy Faces Melbourne Face Painting is available for events ranging from birthday celebrations for children to gala fundraisers and adult parties.

CJ Computer Services Is Excited to Team Up with Google Fiber on Its Journey to 1000Mbps Internet in Raleigh, NC

LogoWe are very excited to hear the recent news that Google Fiber is coming to Raleigh! It will be a great option for all of our customers to actually have 1000Mbps speeds to their door step. We are proud to announce we are expanding our base of customers in the Raleigh-Durham region and we are also expanding our staffing to be able to support small businesses as well.

TCCI Climatic Wind Tunnel Replicates Extreme Conditions Featured in Automation and Controls Today

The T/CCI Climatic Wind Tunnel is featured in Automation and Controls Today magazine. T/CCI is able to validate temperature control from -30C to 50C (0.5C steady state and 1.0C during transition) with proven repeatability. The climatic wind tunnel allows for the accurate simulation of extreme temperatures to ensure the desired set point is accurately established to ensure the error is zeroed out before the product reaches production and the customer. The feature article, authored by industrial journalist, Thomas R. Cutler, is titled, "Climatic Wind Tunnel Replicates Real World Extreme Conditions."

Specialty Coffee Daily Consumption Increase in 2015 Reports TraceGains

LogoThe growing trends in specialty coffees was highlighted in TraceGains' recent blog. Chelsey Davis, TraceGains' Digital Specialist noted that the National Coffee Association's National Coffee Drinking Trends market research showed daily consumption of espresso-based beverages and regular coffee made with gourmet coffee beans is up to 34%, compared to 31% in the 2013 data, and daily non-gourmet coffee drinking is down 35% from the previous year's 39%. Leading the consumption of specialty coffee drinks are 25- to 39-year-olds, 42% of which reported daily usage.

Netcetera Ranked Number 1 by Webperf

LogoWebperf, The ISP Monitoring Service Company have awarded Netcetera, the Isle of Man based Managed Hosting and Datacentre Provider, as being the number 1 fastest UK host in January 2015.

Apps Free for PC Publishes Latest News of WhatsApp Working on Web Client

Apps have become an indispensible resource in our lives, and app developers have gone to great pains to provide impressive functionality while being economic with power and processor consumption, making them versatile and indispensable on mobile devices. Now, people want that same functionality to cross over to their PC, but developers have been slow in converting their apps. Apps Free For PC keeps people abreast of the latest developments, and has now published an article about rumors on WhatsApp finally developing a WhatsApp for PC version of their popular messaging service.

PIC Claim Grant Launched to Help Business Owners Get Government Payout Under PIC Scheme

In Singapore the government offers business owners a way to enjoy 400% tax deductions and allowances or a 60% cash payout for investment in innovation and productivity improvements under their Productivity and Innovation Credit (PIC) scheme. The scheme is administered by the Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore (IRAS). The PIC scheme rewards Singapore companies who innovate and become more productive. PIC Claim Grant is a new website that helps business owners through the application process to successfully claim their PIC grant payout.

New Website Provides Gazebo Building Plans to Help DIY Woodworkers Build Their Own Gazebos

A new website is helping DIY fans to reduce the cost of the construction of a Gazebo by providing detailed gazebo building plans. The most popular blueprints on this website are the plans for a hexagonal gazebo, a square gazebo, as well as plans for an octagonal gazebo.

DNib Offers Exclusive One Word Domain to Businesses for Outstanding Reserve Price

When marketing a business online, it all starts with the domain. Having a strong domain will make websites easier to find in searches and allow more traffic to flow to the site. One word URLs have many advantages, first and foremost that they are the easiest to remember, making customer retention as easy as it can be. If the domain is also an exact match keyword the value of the domain is immense because of the traffic it receives. DNib is prominent domain broker offering brandable and keyword rich domains. Their latest sale could be the biggest of the year as the auction for begins. It's a powerful one word domain that has incredible traffic potential in an extremely lucrative market.

Hypez Offers Active Instagram Followers and Likes at Cheap Prices

Hypez says that they're a-one-stop-shop for the crucial needs of online businesses regarding the most popular social networking platform, Instagram. They explain that the number of individuals utilizing Instagram for connecting with their customers, colleagues, friends and relatives has been growing quickly and he exact figure has outreached millions. Therefore, businesses looking for increasing their public exposure can make use of their affordable deals.

Instagram Likes Hike to Its Peak with Increase in the Emerging Trends for 2015

There has been a debate for a long time, whether to buy Instagram likes or not. Some people consider that buying likes, followers and comments from official sources of Instagram page will boost up one's business and sales. Having the latest Instagram stats, data and information can make one's business strategies more creative and iconic that can be more relevant and successful in one's business.

Style Bloggers Put on Blast for Buying Instagram Followers

Fashion bloggers who wish to increase their online exposure are now able to buy followers – at their risk of possibly destroying their credibility. Services like Buzzoid, Buy Instagram followers and Hypez cost less than $3/100 new and active Instagram followers, a tantalizing way for various social media users to get a push-start and give their blog new heights apart from their competitors.

Hypez Offers Economical and Reliable Instagram Likes for Company's Brand Promotion

It has become obligatory for any business nowadays to use the capability of social media for branding, promotional and marketing purposes. It assists the businesses to reach out to their potential clients directly, and secure their base in developing competitive markets. In this favors, Instagram has progressed as one of the most influential social media platforms which its members use to upload pictures, promote pictures, connect with new users, follow other users, share advertising videos, grow their clientele, depict their business products, brands and services, and so on.

Instagram Followers & Likes Can Make Business Brand Go Viral

In the recent times, Instagram has come up as a leading social channel for businesses to assist them in building their reputation and entice their target audiences. This is the key reason why businesses are turning to the popular social networking sites to promote their product, services and brands. A business who wants to enhance their number of Instagram Followers or Likes can buy it from a reputable provider.

Entrepreneurs Are Now Expanding Their Reach on Instagram for Increasing Business Leads

The main reason for fame of Instagram than other social media networks available in these days are an extended support to every user. Many users of this social network now feel happy to share their precious photos, priceless experiences with their friends, which is why Instagram has increased user base. This is the crucial reasons that enforces entrepreneur to buy Instagram likes to scale up their business instantly.

Hypez Offers Real Instagram Followers for Entrepreneurs to Elevate Their ROI

Since Instagram appeared in 2010, the popularity of photograph sharing platform has shot up and has made a significant number of its users famous for their pictures. Hardcore fans of Instagram can vouch for getting "Followers" and "likes" on their photos validates their efforts of taking impressive pictures. This popular social networking sites allow their users to post photographs and videos and in addition to communicate with their friends and family. And due to their popularity, online entrepreneurs have taken this opportunity to promote their business. They post their brands and services that they offer to their clients. However, posting the schemes that they offer on Instagram isn't sufficient. They need more Instagram likes and followers in order to achieve great success.

Hypez Offers Swiftest and Best Ever Packages for Instagram Followers and Likes

When it comes to social media like Instagram, the world is always a ameliorate place to like the stuffs and follow the people who is inspiring. With 200+ million active users from all over the world, Instagram is an amazing place for businesses and brands to expose their services and get more potential clients. Waiting for followers and likes to grow eventually can be very time taking as well as laborious, thus buying Instagram likes & followers from a trusted provider can be the best option.

How to Get More Instagram Likes and Comments: New Study

In today's vast world of social networking, the status of user's fame lives and dies with likes and comments. This same scenario applies to the popular photo-sharing application, Instagram. For all those not really acquainted with this app, it's a fundamental concept of uploading a photo to the account and incorporating a filter to help make the photos, sometimes look more appealing. Although it might seem easy and self-serving, Instagram has taken the whole social networking world by surprise and it is particularly popular among young generations.

QCON Now Offers the Option of Buying Instagram Followers at Different Packages

QCON now brings the facility for clients to buy Instagram followers at reasonable and different packages. The company helps their clients to boost their popularity by getting more Instagram followers. Now clients can take their popularity to the next higher level. Buying Instagram followers means targeting more new customers or fan base. People generally get attracted to those Instagram accounts that have higher followers. This concept is used from the marketing point of view. Clients can have their own campaign by having more and more followers. The QCON deploys strategies that help clients to get more Instagram followers which are genuine. Followers attract more followers; based on this concept, QCON keeps on adding new followers to the clients' account.

Market Report, "Computers and Peripherals in the United Arab Emirates", Published

LogoRetail volume growth in computers and peripherals slowed to 11% in 2014, along with the stabilisation of demand for tablets. Technology-savvy consumers in the United Arab Emirates continued to be attracted by the latest computers, laptops and tablets, as surfing the internet is a favourite pastime of most residents, as outdoor activities are limited by the extremely hot weather conditions. With an internet usage penetration rate of over 90%, consumers in the United Arab Emirates are online for much of their working day, as well as at home at the weekends. Most time is spent on social networking sites such as Facebook, but increasingly youngsters are also interested in photo-based networking sites such as Instagram and Flickr. Reveals when to File 2014 Taxes in 2015

The date has been set by the IRS for filing taxes starting Jan 20. Frank Ellis provides tips for filing tax returns, claiming credits, and using electronic filing. He reveals the IRS changes the date each year but experts predict this year it may be towards the middle or end of January. Updates Best-in-Class International Fertility Clinic Matching System, a leading online destination for those researching international fertility services, launched an upgraded, improved, online quote system. The new system searches through even more fertility clinics than before, quickly and more precisely finding those that best suit the particular needs of visitors.'s fertility clinic matching services help users save as much as 70% compared to the services available in their home countries, also potentially providing access to services that might otherwise be unavailable.