Technology Press Releases

'Mind the Gap' Global Online Bitcoin, Cryptocurrency and Payments Seminar Launches April 10

Experienced cryptocurrency consultancy agency Coinstructors is organising a global virtual seminar 'Mind The Gap' for like-minded professionals on the 10th of April 2015. The virtual event is offering a full schedule of speakers including lawyer Adam Vaziri the founder of Coinstructors and author and financial markets commentator Brian Kelly among others. is the very first virtual event to be dedicated to the real world of finance professionals to be able to obtain direct updates to new projects over the blockchain. Along side this event Diacle the sister company to Coinstructors are organising Hackcoin events in London, Hong Kong and Mumbai (Crypto Hackathons).

The Bailey Agency Announces Sale on Marketing Services Nationwide

The Bailey Agency announced today special discount pricing on their standard press release package, for a limited time. Their "Ultimate Business Special" offers a discounted pricing on their standard press release distribution package. The Bailey Agency is a public relations and marketing firm that specializes in building brand awareness while providing maximum exposure for clients from small business to large corporate businesses. The firm has announced today that they are offering their Standard press release distribution package at more than 30 percent off, for a limited time, through May 31, 2015.

New Service Solves Synchronization Pain Point for Stripe and Xero Customers

Australian based software company Aktura Technology have today released their latest service to the public. Silver Siphon is a brand new software service which aims to save both headaches and hours of data manipulation each month.

JUCE Energy Seeks Funding via Kickstarter to Complete the Development of JUCE Matchbook

LogoAll users of modern day electronic devices have been through the experience of their device going dead at a crucial moment. In this situation, the only solution is to find a charging outlet and wait till your device or rechargeable battery packs are refueled. Unfortunately, many of the users do not have the time for this lengthy procedure. The Matchbook from JUCE Energy promises to solve this problem.

MDV: Florida's First FAA Approved Drone Training Academy Launching…"Do It Yourself 333 Exemption Roadmap"

LogoMicro Drone Vision (MDV), Florida's first Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) approved drone training academy, today announced the launch of a new do it yourself 333 exemption road map. The roadmap will be a fill in the blank exemption, along with the operations and training manuals guiding the participants through the procedures and tools required to manage and reduce the risk while operating unmanned aerial systems. Offers Increased Visibility Through Automatic Retweets

Social media has gained a lot of popularity as an advertising forum over the past several years. Now, services are available to help enterprising individuals increase their credibility and gain more influence in the realm of social media. is one service which offers automatic retweets for every tweet posted to a Twitter account; up to 1,500 retweets for up to ten posts every day. Subscription services are available on seven-, fifteen- and thirty-day options. Automatic retweets are a very effective way to increase followers and have content seen by a wider audience than simply posting tweets in a stand-alone manner.

Space One FPV Launch Their New Mini Drone Quadcopter Racer Called Orbit One 250

A new Mini Drone Quadcopter Racer Called Orbit 250 has been launched by California-based Space One FPV, which has become popular with consumers. Their new racing drone has a bunch of powerful features and is now available on

Abantecart Offers a Free Mobile Shopping Cart for Small and Medium Businesses

Businesses looking to sell online and increase revenue can now turn to an important tool. AbanteCart is a community of software developers, who are dedicated to make the life of people easier and more convenient. They have created a unique and free shopping cart that can help people start their own eCommerce. Recently, the product has been further upgraded to offer even more state of the art features.

Abantecart Offers a Free Mobile Shopping Cart for Small and Medium Businesses

Businesses looking to sell online and increase revenue can now turn to an important tool. AbanteCart is a community of software developers, who are dedicated to make the life of people easier and more convenient. They have created a unique and free shopping cart that can help people start their own eCommerce. Recently, the product has been further upgraded to offer even more state of the art features.

Escalate Ventures Strengthens Brand Management for Businesses

Escalate Ventures, a leading provider of search engine marketing services, has launched their reputation management solutions for small businesses. With extensive experience of how search engine rankings and online reviews can effect small businesses, Escalate Ventures is working to provide cost-effective solutions to boost the reputation of businesses.

Best Surveys for Money Launches and Names Top 5 Survey Sites for 2015

Rob Tomlinson has announced the launch of Best Surveys For Money, a website that provides information and reviews about legitimate survey opportunities, the best surveys for money , how to avoid being scammed, and what to expect after signing up for a survey site. To celebrate the site's launch, its founder has released a list of the Top 5 survey sites for 2015.

Mass Planner Announces 5-Day Free Trial of Its Updated, Automated Social Media Scheduler

Mass Planner social manager, Johnny Plan, announced that he's offering a five-day free trial of the Mass Planner software. The social media marketing scheduler has just undergone its second major release and Plan is offering the free trial to celebrate the event.

Announcing the SmartPack with Enhanced Locking Technology - Protects What Matters

Smart Armor, the Bluetooth enabled micro-locking company in Scottsdale, AZ, has announced the arrival of its second product the SmartPack, the world's most technologically advanced "Carryable" ever! Smart Armor prepares you to meet the outside world by "Protecting What Matters".

WebsiteOperators Now Offering Wide Range of eCommerce Website Management Services

LogoIn order to help companies focus only on their core competencies so that internet professionals can manage the nuances related to website operations, WebsiteOperators is now offering a wide range of eCommerce management services. They manage every aspect of the client's internet channel which includes wholesale, distribution, services and eCommerce operations. They research their client's business so that the quality of their content can be enhanced, work parallel with the client's internal team for brand development, loyalty and deployment, and also to increase onsite conversions.

Who Needs Another Artificial Mind?

LogoA Calgary based professional services firm is entering the global market with training, advisory and consulting services based on insights drawn from the cusp of Artificial Intelligence, Technical Remote Viewing, Neuroscience, Complex Systems, multiple variant of evolutionary as well as personality psychology. The startup was conceptualized on the anomaly insight, that the research driving technological innovation should "pay backwards" and improve human productivity and efficiency rather than replacing humans in the process.

Online USA Doctors Now Offering Treatments and Consultations for Those Looking to Consult a Doctor Online

With medical costs rising, Americans are discovering that online doctors are a cheaper, more effective way to consult with a doctor. As is most often the case in America, visiting a doctor's office is not only time consuming, expensive, and difficult to schedule, it is sometimes nearly impossible to fit into a busy calendar. People find themselves increasingly crunched for time, trying to schedule work, children, and extracurricular activities inside of an ever-tightening window of time, not to mention the constantly expanding queue to see an actual doctor. Getting a spot in the queue to visit a doctor in-office can take months. As the need for professional medical care expands, not only are visits to a doctor's office time consuming and difficult to schedule, they are increasingly expensive, especially for those without insurance.

Cloud Business Software Solutions Provider Epazz, Inc. Starts Raising Capital via Fundable to Boost Their Sales and Marketing Force

LogoEpazz, Inc. (EPAZ), a leading provider of cloud based business software solutions, announced today that the Company has just started an equity crowdfunding campaign via Fundable. The company is looking to raise up to $4 million under Reg 506(c) to strengthen their sales and marketing capability.

Pixel Fury Redesigns Website to Showcase Their Intelligent Design Principles

Website design is one of the most important aspects of success in online marketing, and its proper execution cannot be underestimated. Though a technical discipline created through coding, the design principles are much the same as graphic design. Pixel Fury Design has been delivering outstanding graphic design results in logos, stationery, signage, vehicle prints and communication collateral for over ten years. They also have a dedicated team for web design, online marketing and SEO. Their latest redesign showcases an elegant simple design that engages visitors and most importantly funnels visitors to a contact them for design work. Their focus on eliciting responses from visitors is one of the aspects that attracted one of their latest clients Shakeology Cleanse.

MyPromotionalPens.Com Launches the Feature of Quick View in Product Category Results

Positioning their name as one of the prominent suppliers of marketing and promotional items, has launched the feature "Quick View" in Product Category Results. For the convenience of clients, the company has provided ample information in the quick view section on their portal. Businessmen who are seeking an effective marketing tool at an affordable price range can purchase promotional pens available with the company. The company supplies a wide variety of marketing pens while keeping the specific needs of their clients in mind. The company stockpiles different varieties of advertising pens such as Roller Ball Pens, Multi-Function Pens, Fountain Pens, Metal Pens, Gel Pens, Eco Friendly Pens and much more.

BULZiBUCKET Announces Website Coming Soon

With summer approaching, families are looking for new ways to take advantage of warm weather and family vacations. To meet the demand for new yard and tailgating activities, a brand-new family game is coming from Kid Agains, the makers of Amazon bestseller Quarterback Touchdown. Just in time for summer, the new website for BULZiBUCKET will launch on May 15, 2015. Launched a Unique Platform for Buying and Selling Exclusive Rap Beats, an online beats store, is providing producers and music artists from the music industry a unique platform to buy and sell exclusive beats from different genres of music such as pop, hip-hop and club. Furthermore, in order to boost sales has announced a buy two get one free offer for its customers. Offers Clients the Best Strategies with Years of Experience in Selling Ecommerce Sites

LogoEcommerce broker has been in the business of selling ecommerce sites for over two decades. Their founders are not only ecommerce brokers; they are also successful in buying, managing and selling their own ecommerce and technical digital assets. With a number of ecommerce broker sites online, is proud to offer time-honored, successful strategies to their clients who are selling ecommerce sites.

UniSource Solutions Showcases New Cloud Based All in One Contact Center Software Products

Whether telemarketing or looking to provide comprehensive call center support and sales solutions for clients, having the right management software is essential to enabling both customer service agents and the customers themselves to have a seamless and productive experience. UniSource Solutions regularly reviews these products and offers a consulting service to help businesses find the right solutions for them. They have just published information on the next generation of flexible telemarketing software.

CRT ViewPoint Is Offering Customer Surveys on Tablets

Proving themselves to be one of the prominent names in providing customer feedback solutions, CRT ViewPoint is now offering customer surveys on tablets that will enable individuals to capture data for staff, customers, patients and visitors. There are various benefits of using tablet surveys. It provides a method of evaluation that is different than face to face interactions, providing customer experience feedback in a similar way to how a mystery shopper might report back. The mobile nature of tablets means that surveys related to home visits, round-table surveys, store greeting and field work can be completed easily. It does not require additional data input. Data collection is automated through tablet surveys.

Leeds Beckett Student Seeks Backing to Manufacture Fraud-Fighting Wallet

An enterprising Leeds Beckett University student has launched an online crowdfunding campaign in a bid to raise more than £3,000 to manufacture and sell an innovative wallet which protects against contactless bank card theft.

E-Book on Simple Easy 21 Yoga Meditation Techniques Exercises for Beginners

This Book "21 Meditation Techniques "is a unique collection of ancient wisdom and spiritual teachings of great eastern masters. These techniques are compiled from following sources taught by greatest masters from different cultures like Patanjali Yoga Sutra, Buddhist techniques from Buddha & Atisha Master, Kriya Yoga Tantra Yoga By Babaji,Sufism? meditations from Gurdjieff & Jalaluddin Rumi, Kashmir Shaivism -Vigyan Bhairav Tantra - By Lord Shiva.

DearMob Originates 5KPlayer for Windows to Download 4K 8K Videos and Send Airplay Streams

LogoDearMob Inc. releases the long-awaited Windows version of 5KPlayer today as a one-stop solution to free play, stream and download almost all media files. It is uniquely hallmarked with the support for 4K/8K UHD and 3D movies, along with the feature of AirPlay streaming video music from an iPad or iPhone to a PC.