Thaya Launches the Greatest Christmas Promotion


Guangzhou, China -- (ReleaseWire) -- 12/22/2020 --Christmas sales in 2020 are beginning. Thaya, a fine jewelry manufacturer at the forefront of fashion, comes with a grand promotion during the Christmas sales. A discount of up to 30% off site-wide, i.e., BUY 2 GET 1 Free, will be offered to each purchaser. More than that, extra Christmas socks will be offered to each order as a gift. It is the right time to get fine jewelry at the most affordable price on Thaya to dress up and prepare Christmas gifts for family and friends.

Christmas is supposed to a Christian festival to celebrate the birth of Jesus, but now, it has developed into a globally religious and secular celebration. During the Christmas holiday, people are keen to celebrate the festival by decorating their homes with various Christmas related decorations. Meanwhile, gift-giving is also ongoing to express holiday blessings. Children will put Christmas socks in front of their beds and expect presents from Santa when they get up the next day.

When it comes to Christmas gift ideas, fashion jewelry is undoubtedly the best gift for female friends. This is because girls like to decorate themselves with fashion jewelry. Fine jewelry also has a lot of different meanings. If boys give fashion jewelry as Christmas gifts to their girlfriends, it can also indirectly express love.

Thaya is based on the jewelry design of young people and the soul of the product implication, aiming to let more young women keep their original intention and dream and find their own style through diversified and independent jewelry. On Thaya, there are various types of fashion jewelry for options, such as earrings, necklaces, rings, and so on. Since its establishment, Thaya, with its unique and fine design, has been a silent label for consumers at home and abroad to flaunt themselves and express their emotions. More than that, Thaya has been favored by major stars.

Among all the fine jewelry, the Light's Magician Earrings become the most popular one. One side of the earrings is a star; the other side is a three-dimensional halo, representing a magical special effect. The crystal ball in the earrings is crystal clear, shining with various luster colors like magic. Besides, Light's Magician Earrings can keep shiny for a long time because of its 9 layers of 18K gold thick coating. There is also an 11% Off discount on this earring during Christmas sales.

As gift-giving and many other events Christmas festival involved increased economic activity, Christmas holidays have become a key selling period for retailers and businesses. Thaya launches the biggest annual promotion during the Christmas period. Each purchaser can BUY 2 Get 1 Free and get extra Christmas socks for free. Get ready for the best Christmas gift for family and friends!

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Thaya, a fine jewelry manufacturer, brings together senior designers from home and abroad to design products that are most suitable for young people's personalities with unique and novel forms of expression. Attaching great importance to the quality of the products, Thaya identifies all the latest fashion trends while checking the details of each product. Thaya also hopes to cooperate with emerging designers and brands worldwide to display innovative, trendy, and high-tech fashion jewelry series.

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