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The Inspiring True Story of Ruperto Pajela


Los Angeles, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 08/03/2011 --Poor Boy –The Dreamer (ISBN: 978-1-58909-928-9), a new memoir just released by Bookstand Publishing, tells the inspiring story of Ruperto B. Pajela and his family as they rise from poor rural farmers in the Philippines to successful Filipino-Americans.

“Today my family is not the same as that of yesteryears,” says author Ruperto Pajela who recently turned 81. “It had lifted itself from the rut of rural farmers with a dream. The struggle is worth the outcome.”

“Poor Boy – The Dreamer is written with humor and common sense and with a humble and unassuming attitude,” says Bookstand Publishing Publisher, Andy Baldwin. “The book is an excellent overview of the Ruperto family history over the past 60 years and should be of interest to anyone interested in the history and life of Filipino Americans in the 20th century.”

Poor Boy – The Dreamer is available in both Paperback and Hardcover editions and can be ordered from:

Poor Boy – The Dreamer by Ruperto B. Pajela
Trade Paperback; $15.95; 129 pages; 978-1-58909-928-1
Case Laminate; $24.95; 129 pages; 978-1-58909-929-6