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The Untold Story of the Harvey Family Murders


Richmond, VA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 11/17/2010 -- Cold Blooded, a chilling and shocking new book just released by Bookstand Publishing, tells the true story of the Richmond family that unwittingly harbored the infamous Harvey family murderers for six days in 2006.

“This is the version of the murders that never made the news,” says author Larry Johnson, who writes under the pseudonym The Ghost. “This is the story of Lilly Ann Pauley, the woman who made the 911 call that would later put an end to Ricky Gray and Ray Dandridge's vicious murder spree. This story will bring readers face to face with pure evil.”

Cold Blooded also exposes, for the first time, new and shocking information that law enforcement failed to unveil during the course of their investigation as well as exposes the poor treatment Lilly Ann Pauley received from law enforcement after assisting them in breaking one of the biggest murder cases in decades.
Interviews with the author with Style Weekly magazine and on WTVR television about this chilling and fascinating story have already caused an uproar throughout the city of Richmond where the Harvey family murders took place.

“Lilly Ann Pauley’s story needs to be told,” says Johnson. “It is a story that will shake you out of your seats!”
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