Volcurrent Endeavors to Bring Wireless Electricity with the Lowest Levels of Radiation to Market

Expert team at Volcurrent offers consumers a wireless power system that surpasses competitors attempts with greater efficiency and the lowest levels of electromagnetic radiation.


Richmond, VA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 05/20/2014 --To meet with consumer demand for an ever ready supply of power for cell phones, laptops, and vehicles a new company named Volcurrent has upped the ante on wireless technology. Freeing the consumer from ever having the need to plug in a device or electric car again the Volcurrent wireless power system, once brought to market, will revolutionize the way life is lived. Capable of providing electrical power wirelessly to mobile devices, electric cars, homes, offices and industrial facilities the Volcurrent system will not only optimize convenience, it will decrease costs and wear on the environment. Adding to these integral advantages, the wireless power system has the lowest levels of electromagnetic radiation operating at a frequency of 150 kHz and below.

Bradley Carden, Founder and Head of Product Development at Volcurrent said of the wireless system, “Our competitors are working on wireless charging systems that operate in the MHz range that have a loss in power over large distances. The Volcurrent system is not only smaller, it’s viable up to 60 feet away without requiring a line of sight between transmitter and receiver.”

But how does it work? A wirelessly powered integrated electrochemical cell is engineered to receive energy transferred both within and over the surface of the earth. Small enough to be incorporated into all devices currently using standard batteries, Volcurrent’s control circuitry embedded within the device controls the rate of charge, voltage and current. This plays a critical role for transferring and harnessing wireless power.

Thus far Volcurrent has developed two technologies and has patents pending for further advances. Volcurrent’s current technologies include, fast charging batteries and wireless charging.

About Volcurrent
Volcurrent is based in Richmond, Virginia and is made up of a team of experts in the fields of plasma physics, electromagnetic theory and mechanical engineering. The Volcurrent Team currently endeavors to bring a utilitarian sized transmitter and receiver of wireless electricity to market which will eliminate the need for consumers to be tethered to a power source.

Bradley Carden
Founder & Head of Product Development