Website Monitoring Handled by Superheroes?

SITEIMPULSE denies the rumours that what is responsible for the high quality of the website availability monitoring services at are three superheroes.


Warsaw, Poland -- (ReleaseWire) -- 10/13/2011 --After the new version of was premiered last Sunday, unknown sources started to spread rumours about some alleged superpowers that - instead of traditional IT solutions - are used to provide website monitoring services.

The three superheroes, which, as stated, are employed by SITEIMPULSE agency, are said to have been monitoring the websites of the agency’s clients 24 hours a day and to have used their superpowers to inform the clients instantly about any failure whenever it was found.

SITEIMPULSE appeals to the common sense of the Internet users and believes they have not been deceived by the overactive imagination of the unfriendly. After all, it is common knowledge that the services provided by the superheroes are incomparably more costly than a hardware and software infrastructure, even if this is of the best quality.

The website monitoring services delivered through are provided in a traditional way, i.e. with the use of three independent monitoring stations located on different continents. The monitored websites are tested every 60 seconds by specialised software and not by a group of the uniquely abled.

The software checks website availability, tests online forms and goes through the contents. Instant notifications of failures are sent via e-mail and SMS. The history of failures in a form of tables and charts is available in the client’s panel.

Doubters are advised to find that out personally by ordering the services with a free trial period.

SITEIMPULSE is an internet marketing agency established in 1998 and employing extraordinarily gifted people, but with no superpowers. That is due to the adopted vision and strategy and not due to any prejudice.

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